(400+ courses) Online learning – Learn courses for free from Reputed Ivy League Schools offered through Coursera, edX & Udacity

Still in lockdown ? Now spend your time wisely. There have been many free courses offered by various websites but only a handful of them are worthy. The quality of your learning depends on the one who teaches you. Now take the chance of learning your favorite course from the best experts in the world – straight from the Professors of US Ivy league universities which are ranked top 10 worldwide. FOR FREE. Below is the extensive list of courses segregated by specialization and offered by these professors through highly reputed learning platforms like Coursera, edX and Udacity. Wait no more to experience the teaching of the experts and thank Dealnloot for getting you a virtual admit into these top 10 universities. ūüėõ


Computer Science

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Dealnloot Team wishes you safety & well-being. #StaySafe, #Stay Protected

An update: Flipkart has temporarily suspended its operations in the wake of coronavirus.


Amazon is also offering only certain essential products for delivery.

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  1. Order daily need items by calling your nearest BigBazaar
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Flipkart Plus – Get Rs 500 Myntra Voucher using 25 Coins

Are you a Flipkart Plus member? If you don’t have enough coins to claim the bigger value vouchers then don’t worry, you can claim this awesome offer using 25 coins only. As Flipkart is offering¬†Rs 500 Myntra Voucher using 25 Coins. You have to follow simple steps to get this for free.

Flipkart Plus Rs 500 Myntra Voucher using 25 Coins

Offer is valid till 31st March 2019
How to Get Rs 500 Myntra Voucher using 25 Coins?

1 . Open Flipkart app

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(Live) Droom – Buy Certification Service for Rs 9

Here we are back with new loot for you. This time deal is on Certification Service, as Droom is offering Droom Certification Service for Rs 9 only. There are no shipping or any extra charges in this. So, grab this awesome deal now, before it goes out of stock.

Certification Service

How to Get Certification Service for Rs 9?

1 . Visit here

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(Proof Added : OVER) Droom Steal – Buy Droom Branded Mobile Pop Socket for Rs 29

Here we are back with new loot for you. This time deal is on Mobile Pop Socket, as Droom is selling Droom Branded Mobile Pop Socket for Rs 29 only. There are no shipping or any extra charges in this. So, grab this awesome deal now, before it goes out of stock.

Droom Branded Mobile Pop Socket

Check at the last of the post for Proof
How to Get a Droom Branded Mobile Pop Socket for Rs 29?

1 . Visit here

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Aadhaar- How to De-link your Aadhaar from Bank/ Telecom/ Wallets like Paytm, Freecharge etc.

As per the decision of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, all of us know very well, that From Now, Aadhaar is not Mandatory for Private Firms,¬† Companies, Individuals & cannot insist on Aadhaar¬†data to provide consumer services. As per new Rule, Aadhaar¬†data cannot be shared with security agencies in the name of upholding national security by Companies. Now here We are giving the procedure, How to De-link your Aadhar from bank account/ Mobile wallets/ Telecom etc.


How to De-link your Aadhaar from bank account/ Mobile wallets/ Telecom etc.?

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Employee Provident Fund- How to check your EPF Account Balance & Statements

A lots of persons,  among us, must be employed and working professional at any organization. They must be contributed their EPF. But some times, It is very difficult to find out the EPF balance amount.  But Now, Check your EPF balance at the click of a button! Employee Provident Fund (EPF) acts as a saving tool for the employees. The employee and the employer contribute an equal amount towards savings that can be availed upon retirement, or after switching jobs. You can now check your EPF balance via SMS, by giving a missed call, via the EPFO app, and the EPFO portal. By allowing employees to access the EPF balance, they can easily:


How to check your EPF Account Balance & Statements?

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Telegram Alerts – Get instant alerts for Best Deals on Dealnloot Channel and Meet our Deal Bot

We at Dealnloot always strive to find out ways that would make your experience with us easy, smooth and rewarding. We will perpetually keep the doors open for innovation and betterment which is evident with the various features we tried to offer time to time and kept them updating . In the process of reaching out effectively to you all, we have made many attempts like Chrome push alerts, Whatsapp Alerts, Messenger Alerts, Chrome extension, Facebook Group and Mail Alerts. A few of them are still functioning well and have been helping you a lot to get easy and instant access to the best deals and loots while some of them went obsolete with meagre responses from your side.


But our Quest for Innovation never stops and there goes a new mechanism to let you stay updated with the best deals available on the E-commerce market using the Feature-Rich cloud based instant messaging platform, Telegram. Let’s go on to read how it works and how it solves all the problems faced in our prior system of alerts.

How to Subscribe to Dealnloot Alerts Channel & use Deal Bot ?

1. Click to join Dealnloot Alerts Channel or Click to say Hi to our Deal Bot !!
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Dealnloot Grid View – A feature to go through the deals in less time

You all know that Dealnloot is famous for its timely posting of deals without missing any single good deal. So this generally increases the number of deals and thereby its a bit time taking for you to go through all of them. We have simplified the best deals with the Selected Deals feature. But there are many people who still have a doubt in their mind that they are missing a deal which is important to them but is not in the ‘Selected deals’ list. So here is a solution for this issue, its the new “Grid View” feature.


How to use the ‚ÄĚGrid View‚ÄĚ feature ?

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BHIM UPI- NPCI has banned UPI Transactions in Same Bank Account

Do you Use BHIM UPI for Money Transfer in same account ? Then This is a bad news for you. NPCI has banned Same Bank account UPI Transaction from 1st August, This will affect for those who has looted many UPI offers from Paytm, Mobikwik, free charge etc by making a fake transaction in the same bank account. But still you can transfer money from  1 bank to another bank.  Restriction is only on Same Bank Account UPI Transaction.

Bhim app - Transact with this official Digital Payments app from Government of India and get a chance to win prizes

Why NPCI has Banned UPI Transactions to Same Bank Account?

As you know that There are many UPI Cashback offers are providing by Many wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik etc.  So for availing these  cashback, Users make fake transactions in the same Bank account. So, To curb fake or artificial transactions in order to get cashback, NPCI has taken a serious action and decided to halt this practice on its payments platform UPI. Continue reading