Dealnloot started it's Whatsapp Alerts through Broadcast Messages in May 2015 with an aim to share the best deals and loots directly to your Whatsapp. We feel proud to say that Dealnloot is the pioneer of this new industrial concept of Whatsapp Alerts and gradually these broadcasts became so popular that now even all the top websites in India from various domains are offering these alerts to their users.

Before we introduce our new venture of Whatsapp Status Alerts, I would like to apprise the events that went chronologically and led us for the start of this new way of sending alerts. Let us have a brief outlook on it.

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Save our Number 9023498997 and message us "Subscribe" on Whatsapp, to receive regular deal alerts as Whatsapp Status updates
The History of Dealnloot Alerts

Since it's inception, Dealnloot Whatsapp Alerts got so popular with thousands of requests coming for Subscriptions. We were overwhelmed with the response and at a certain stage our Whatsapp couldn’t handle such huge database of users and our device eventually started creating problems like hanging. So we explored other alternatives like Paid Whatsapp Subscription and took your opinion for it. You were reluctant to it, and we respected your decision, so haven't implemented it.

Later we also came up with the Messenger Alerts which turned out to be useful for many. We have also tried the Google Chrome Push Notifications and Email Alerts which gathered a commendable response but still, not as huge as Whatsapp. In the continuous quest of alternatives, we have come across this great idea of sending the Deal Alerts through Whatsapp Status, a feature which was introduced by Whatsapp in Feb 2017.

How to Subscribe for Dealnloot Whatsapp Status Alerts ?

1. Firstly, save our Whatsapp Number 9023498997 as "Dealnloot" or with some other name in your contact list

2. Just message us on Whatsapp as "Subscribe" on the above saved Number .

3. That's it !! From now you would get the best deal alerts directly to your Whatsapp as Status Updates.

4. Whenever you get to see a status from Dealnloot, do check it without fail.

Note - Saving the number is must. If you don’t save the number, you won’t receive the alerts.
How these Whatsapp Status Alerts work ?

1. As soon as we get a good deal, we would send a status update for that deal from our Whatsapp along with a link that would lead you to the deal.

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2. Just open the status, and click the link to avail the deal / offer.

3. Each Whatsapp status is going to be live only for 24 hours since the time it is published. So don't forget to check the "Status" Tab on your Whatsapp whenever you get time.

We are still at an experimental phase of these Alerts. So please let us know your opinions and suggestions  in the comments below, on how frequently you want to get the Status Alerts and other related issues :)
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