Dealnloot is the pioneer of Whatsapp Alerts Subscription and we started this new industrial concept in Dec 2015. Since then, many competitive sites started following the same idea. We used to send instant notifications of the great deals and loots and also a Daily Dose of Top Deals. Since time passed by, Dealnloot got so popular with thousands of requests coming for Whatsapp Subscriptions. We were overwhelmed and but unfortunately, the Whatsapp couldn't handle huge broadcast database and our device started creating problems like hanging. That's the reason you are now-a-days receiving less alerts (infact none) in Whatsapp.


But, we know you people wish to receive alerts there. We heard your concern and digged into various possible solutions. Finally we found one possible solution i.e., "Paid Whatsapp Subscription" which lets you become a "Dealnloot Elite Whatsapp Member" by paying a monthly fee of Rs 10-20 . But we hate the idea of charging and are in dilemma of how our beloved users would respond to this proposal. So, considering that we follow democracy in Dealnloot, we would like to have inputs from you beforehand and based on that, think whether to go ahead with the idea implementation or not

Rs 10 we are looking to charge is to identify a small number of really interested ones and we are not looking to earn money. We would be giving it back to community through frequent contests and all. Still, we would respect every positive & negative view and then take a decision.

How to Vote on the idea of Paid Dealnloot Whatsapp Alerts ?

1. Click here to go to Voting form

2. Sign in with your Google account.

3. Select Yes / No as per your opinion and add any new ideas / inputs below suggestions area

That's it !! We will consider your opinion and decide the proceedings accordingly :)

Why we are starting this new scheme ?

1. The first reason is that our Whatsapp gets hanged due to the huge number of subscribers. It takes a lot of time to send a single alert and we face situations where the deal gets expired by the time the alert is sent to everyone.

2. We have many broadcast lists and FYI, one list contains 256 subscribers. Now once we send an alert to any 2-3 lists, whatsapp gets stuck and we need to wait for it to cool down to send alerts to other people. That's why you must have observed that your friend got an alert but you didn't.

3. We have also tried using high end phones like Oneplus 3 with 6 GB RAM, the master piece iPhone but none of them could handle the huge load of Dealnlooters :P

4. Also, we have observed through our stats that most of the subscribers have been so inactive. There might be many cases like, mobile number being changed, people subscribing just for fun, people being disinterested in receiving deals etc.

5. This makes the true deal aspirants loose their opportunity of availing the deals. Not a justice, right ? But how do we identify the really interested ones ? We thought his way out.

6. That's why we have come up with an idea of making a nominal charge for getting into the premium list so that we only receive subscription requests from craving dealnlooters and thereby it serves the core purpose.

How does this concept work ?

1. You will be given a very hassle free payment system through which you can pay the monthly subscription fee of Rs 10 to Rs 20

2. The fee will be Rs 10 for the first list but we might increase it for the 2nd and 3rd lists to limit the number of users. So early to pay will have early benefit of fixed Rs 10 pricing.

3. Finally we are sure of not extending the lists to be more than 3 , as we would not like to compromise on benefit of the subscribers.

4. Also, you need not worry of remembering to pay on a fixed date of every month. We will give an intimation through whatsapp regarding the payment and also give a time of about 10 days.

5. We will also be giving back the benefits of the money we get, to the community by organising contests and giveaways more often than now.

Are we sure of sending daily deal alerts now ?

1. Yes, indeed. Its our word !! Since it is a paid mode of subscription , we can eliminate spam to a greater extent. We have also decided to maintain only 3 broadcast lists each having 256 members.

2. So it just takes less than a minute time to send alert to everyone in those 3 lists which assures that no good deal is missed.

Hope you have liked our new concept. Now feel free to give your unbiased opinion in the Voting Form or even comment your suggestions below :)