(Winners Announced) Dealnloot Whatsapp Quiz – Subscribe to our Deal Alerts & Win Paytm Cash worth Rs 1400 from Whatsapp Quiz Contest

You might be well aware that we have resumed our Whatsapp Deal alerts through the Status updates. Hope you have already subscribed for these alerts if not, do it now itself because there is a lot going to happen in the forthcoming week. Yes, you would not just get the best Deal Alerts through our Whatsapp Status, but also loads of entertainment packed up with exciting rewards and a crest of knowledge discovery as well 😉 . Guess how ? It is going to be a Quiz contest exclusively for the Whatsapp Subscribers and it would run for a complete week.


Subscribe to our Whatsapp Alerts by sending a msg “Subscribe” to 9023498997  and get the best deal alerts along with a chance to participate in this contest.
Winners are requested to send a mail to teamofdnl@gmail.com with their Paytm Number to claim the prizes.

Most Active RewardsMus2 (mu****ti@gmail.com), Jatin (jatinm****57@gmail.com), Nipun (ritik.mehndi****8@gmail.com), Himanshu Jain (hima****in250@gmail.com)

Qn-12 Answer : GMAT. Winners : Fastest Finger First – Jay Patel
. Fortunate stars – Sai (shiv****kumar@gmail.com), Sachin (sach****2@gmail.com), Harsh R Agrawal (hars****al1993@gmail.com)

Qn-11 Answer : Indigo Airlines. Winners : Fastest Finger First – saif (saifqura****87@gmail.com) . Fortunate stars – Sunil (shi***gr@gmail.com), Prathvipal Singh Jhala (vh****4@gmail.com), Kaku bhagat (kak****at@yahoo.com)

Qn-10 Answer : Rohtang Pass. Winners : Fastest Finger First – Jatin Tailor (im***or94@gmail.com) . Fortunate stars – Rishabh (ratn****habh9@gmail.com), Dheeraj Chakarvarti (dhee****arvarti@gmail.com), Pulkit (ab****it123@gmail.com)

Qn-9 Answer : Any 2 New Authors. Winners : Nil (No Correct Answers)

Qn-8 Answer : Shop, Share & Win. Winners : Fastest Finger First – Sai sharan (sais****12@gmail.com) . Fortunate stars – Aditya Vidyarthi (vi****ya1@gmail.com), Snehal Jagtap (sne****90@gmail.com), Akash (yak***3@gmail.com)

Qn-7 Answer : Insia Malik. Winners : Fastest Finger First – Rohit Kumar Pandey (pandeyro****94@gmail.com) . Fortunate stars – Ram (ra****ad02@gmail.com) , Shayan Muazzam (shay****zam1994@gmail.com), Shubham Devanpalli (shu****516@gmail.com)

Qn-6 Answer : 123 m. Winners : Fastest Finger First – Rohit Kumar Pandey (pandeyro****94@gmail.com) . Fortunate stars – Dibakar Das (rak****26@gmail.com) , Chetan Kaul (chetank****1@gmail.com), Paramasivan (para****n.m@gmail.com)

Qn-5 Answer : Reliance Communications. Winners : Fastest Finger First – Krishna Bhayekar (bhaye****shna@gmail.com) . Fortunate stars – Aman (Atu****ukla@gmail.com) , Palak (pala***opat@gmail.com), vikash tripathi(vika****athi001@gmail.com)

Qn-4 : Any 2 bitcoin apps/sites . Winners : Fastest Finger First – Yusha Patel (pat****ha@gmail.com) . Fortunate stars – Ashish (as****71@gmail.com) , HARISH(nt***ish@gmail.com), Yashwant (karnwalyash****21@gmail.com)

Qn-3 Answer : 14th Dec, 2017. Winners : Fastest Finger First – Munish Yadav (muni****@gmail.com) . Fortunate stars – Nitin B (nit***ar@gmail.com) , Satheesh S (ssa***6@gmail.com), Usha (ush****lra@rediffmail.com)

Qn-2 Answer :  Telangana. Winners : Fastest Finger First  – Dinesh (dines****i1@gmail.com) . Fortunate stars – Sathish (vall****thish@rediffmail.com) , Sai Rajasekharreddy Evuri( rajasekh****dyes@gmail.com), Munish Bhatheja (muni****h@gmail.com)

Qn-1 Answer : Ramesh. Winners : Fastest Finger First  –  Shiva (kum****iva818@gmail.com) . Fortunate stars – Sunil (sun***c10@hotmail.com) , Yogesh Sharma (yshr***8@gmail.com), Satya (saty****83@gmail.com)

The most interesting element is that there is no fixed time of asking the questions in this contest, so it’s going to be full surprising and thrilling. Sounds cool right ? Let’s get into the details now.

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How this Whatsapp Quiz Contest going to happen ?

1. Starting from Mon, 4th Dec to (Sat, 9th Dec) Sun, 10th Dec, two questions will be asked everyday each at a different and random time.

2. You need to be very active on Whatsapp 😛 , and give utmost preference to the status from Dealnloot

3. Then you need to answer those questions over here in the comments section of this post below.

Note that answers need to be given on this post itself and not as a message on our Whatsapp number

4. There will be 2 types of winners chosen for each question. The Fastest Finger First and The Fortunate Stars.

So get ready and always keep an eye on our Whatsapp Status 😛

Selection of Winners and Prizes

Fastest Finger First

  • The first person to answer the question would be the Fastest Finger First and will get a reward of Rs 50 Paytm Cash.
  • Bookmark this post so it will be easy for you to answer the question fastly.

Were you a bit late in seeing the status ? Don’t worry, we also have something new for you.

Fortunate Stars

  • A question can be answered at anytime until the next question is asked.
  • 3 luckiest winners will be chosen at random from all the correct answers that have come for a certain question.
  • They will be rewarded with a Paytm cash of Rs 20.

But don’t be a lazy person like me because this contest as already said, is a complete suspense and you don’t know when the next question might be asked. It can be after a few hours or even in just an hour. So answer the question as soon as you see the status.

Total Prizes

Now let us do some mathematics regarding the prizes.

  • Since there are two types of winners for each question, The Fastest Finger First and The Fortunate Stars, each carrying reward of Rs 50 and Rs 20 (3 winners) , so the prize per question will be Rs 110.
  • And there will be two questions asked a day, so total prizes per day is Rs 220.
  • As this contest runs from Monday to Saturday i.e., 6 days in total , so you can win Rs 1320 in total. (6*220=1320 right ? I guess I am not bad at Maths :/ )
  • Ok now why not make it a round figure ? So lets add 4 winners who are Most Active through out the contest week and reward with Rs 20 Paytm Cash each, making it to a total of Rs 1400.
How to redeem your prizes ?

1. We will be announcing the list of winners daily. If you find your name among the witty ones, you need to mail us at teamofdnl@gmail.com with subject “Whatsapp Quiz Contest Winner” and include your PayTM Number in the mail content.

2. We will send the Paytm cash that you won, to your mobile number as soon as possible. But please be patient for at least 48 hours before you request again in case you don’t receive the prize.

Rules of the Contest

1. A single person can win the Fastest Finger First prize a maximum of 2 times during the contest for everyone to have a fair chance.

2. But you could be a Fortunate Star for all the 12 questions asked, if you are lucky enough. There is no limit for this prize.

3. There will be total 4 winners per question (1 FFF & 3 FS) and 2 questions per day.

4. Once a new question is asked, no entries for the old question will be considered

5. Make sure that you use a working Email ID as you will be getting the prizes to that mail ID itself from which you have commented.

6. Answers commented on this post will only be considered and replies at our Whatsapp number are not eligible for winning.

7. Dealnloot Team reserves all rights to modify the terms and conditions and take decisions on its discretion.

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