GAANA app, I think it is not at all necessary to give an introduction to gaana app as we all are aware of it by few short story advertisements. Obviously, a cute love story about the couple and eagerly waited for the next advertisement every time. I seriously miss those adds. And coming back to the app, Gaana is just not an app, it is a place where we could find all of our beloved songs to relax for a while. So, Haptik is offering 100% Cashback on One-month Gaana Subscription. Go ahead and use it ?

Gaana App– Get Gaana+ Subscription Absolutely Free for 30 days

How to Get 100% Cashback on One month Gaana Subscription?

1 . Download Haptik app from here 

2. Now open the app and login/signup. If asked for referral code, enter – SAHGVN . Now  Simply open the app and proceed through the flow

3. Sign up for a new Haptik account

3. Click on “Gaana subscription”

5. Initiate a Subscription worth Rs 99

5. Apply code – GAANA

6. Make the payment

7. Complete the transaction and you will instantly get 100% cashback which you can use for your future transactions on Haptik.

8. Enjoy !!

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