Dealnloot  was started in Dec 2014. Our aim is to share the best deals and loots available to make your shopping experience wonderful, we hope we have been successful in that.

However during our journey, we many times realised that it feels very bad when some of you miss out on a loot deal as you were not on dealnloot at that moment.

For eg - Amazon flat Rs 1000 off deal came one night and almost all of you missed on this deal as you were not available on dealnloot that time. However it is very likely that many of use would still be using whatsapp at that time ( Young generations chat till night now-a-days :lol: )

So we have planned that we will be offering whatsapp broadcast alerts to you so that you don't out on any deal at all !!

dealnloot whatsapp alerts

How to subscribe for our alerts on Whatsapp ?

1. Just message your number and your name at "9023498997" on whatsapp.

Very Important - Save this number - 9023498997 as "Dealnloot" or some other name in your phone's contact list. If you don't save the number, you won't receive the alerts.

2. We will add you to a broadcast list.

Woohoo !! That's it !! Your journey of never missing a deal now begins :)

How this broadcast system works ?

>> Every time any loot deal comes, we will broadcast a message regarding that deal on whatsapp.

>> The message will be sent directly to you on whatsapp like a personal chat not a group so your contact number would not be revealed to anyone else.

We value your privacy

Benefits of dealnloot alerts -

>> Always stay updated with what's happening online . "Online" for us means Online Shopping deals and Loots !!

>> Never miss a loot deal even if you are not on dealnloot that time !!

Some caution points

>> You must note that not all the deals would be broadcasted like if there is an offer of Rs 50 cashback on Rs 250 on paytm, then it would not be broadcasted as it is not a loot deal.

>> So we advice you not to stop using our website because then you will miss out good deals :)