It has been around 13 months since Dealnloot has launched and we have developed a lot with the fabulous support of our dear users. You are our critics, our wellwishers & our companinions in each and every step we put forward. Without you, Dealnloot would not have been at this great height now. The comments you do encourage us a lot and also to rectify the minor mistakes which we do commit occasionally. Now we are in a plan to expand Dealnloot even to a greater extent and we need all our opinion of the steps we are ought to take. So we want you to give us your valuable feedback about Dealnloot and some suggestions that will help us to serve you in an even better way :)


Check if your Email ID is present in the list and if it is, then claim your recharge by sending a mail to " [email protected] ". All the claims done till 24th Jan 7 PM have been recharged.
List of Winners

Srin***[email protected] , nih****[email protected], adit****[email protected], kran****[email protected], tk***[email protected], ka****[email protected], anantja***[email protected], amitmee***[email protected], sair***[email protected], 921***[email protected], shank***[email protected], vaibha***[email protected], vasant***[email protected], sumitpand***[email protected], naw***[email protected], hamee***[email protected], satish***[email protected], mymit***[email protected], deepak***[email protected], aniljang***[email protected], sk.s***[email protected], grov***[email protected], Aje***[email protected], vi***[email protected], 00***[email protected], Goe***[email protected], shal***[email protected],***[email protected], Cv***[email protected], vrusha***[email protected], mano***[email protected], rharsh***[email protected], padmava***[email protected], vik***[email protected], yab***[email protected], dhan***[email protected], asif.asi***[email protected], Ami***[email protected], premchand***[email protected], nit***[email protected], prade***[email protected], onlinega***[email protected], pava***[email protected], rk90***[email protected], kum***[email protected], jhar***[email protected], hit***[email protected], ravite***[email protected], nv9***[email protected], pushk***[email protected], Smahara***[email protected], diwakargup***[email protected], mala***[email protected], AJAY***[email protected], tush***[email protected], ra***[email protected], cosm***[email protected], rsbajw***[email protected], iadit***[email protected], deep***[email protected], sabharw***[email protected], abhila***[email protected]

How to fill the Dealnloot Feedback form ?

1. Visit here for the form

2. Login / Signup to your google account.


3. Fill out all the details in the form genuinely and give your valuable suggestions at the Suggestions Box present at the bottom of the form.


Although giving your details like Name, Email ID and Phone Number are optional, it is mandatory if you aspire to win the prize.

4. Click on Submit button and check out if you are encountered with any errors.

5. If there are no errors in the form them you will be taken to a Success page. Remeber you can fill the form only once per Google account.

That's it !! Your Feedback has been recorded. We will try our level best to implement all your suggestions.

Prizes to be won & Criteria of winner selection (Expired)


1. As mentioned already the entries submitted till 18th Jan 2016 will only be considered for the selection of winners.

2. We will be selecting 50 best responses in "Random" and will be giving a Recharge worth Rs 20 each.

3. Remember, in order to be eligible for the prize you must also fill the details such as Name, Email ID and Phone number.

4. Selection of Winners will be at the sole discretion of Dealnloot Team.

Further steps we take based on Feedback

1. We feel Dealnloot is just not us but we in co-ordination with you makes Dealnloot a complete one. The main aim to take Feedback to make decisions accordingly.

2. We assure you to follow your suggestions and try to implement them at our hardest effort.

3. Thanks for the support you have given to us till now and we expect the same in the future also for which we assure you the best possible experience with us.