We are back with another crypto loot of Mebox. Now claim token and Get 30000 token (150$) for free + 15000 token per refer.


Note 1- All airdrops are free of cost and genuine. So must loot all airdrops guys like METAUFO, METAWAR, CYM, BULL etc.. All airdrops will give huge profit. I will update withdraw procedure soon. Till then just collect and hold. 

Note2-  MeboxToken will be listed on 15 Apr 2022 at Pancakeswap exchange. After that you can sale it. 

Note3- See the procedure to create account in trust wallet, pls visit here

How to Get 30000 token (150$) for free? 

1- Visit here via telegram OR https://t.me/Mebox_airdrop_bot?start=TO6lV1QyQ

2- Join their telegram group

3- When it will ask for retweet link, Paste any link in retweet link

4- Enter your BEP20 Address

5- Done, Now copy your refer link and save it

6- Now create another telegram using your another number

7- You have to claim 1 refer from Another telegram account

Note- you can refer this video for withdraw procedure of your token in trust wallet -

7- Now back to main telegram account and Click claim now in main telegram

8- Claim success. You will get your token within 24 hours in trust wallet


Contract address-


Network- Smart chain

10- You can refer this video for withdraw procedure of your token from trust wallet into bank-


*How to sell crypto from trust wallet and take money in bank*... ????

After convert your token into BNB, send it to Binance, Coindcx Or Wazirx to withdraw money in bank...