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Quiz Answers (27 Sep) :

1) Most Expensive Car Ever Sold at an Auction?

Answer: Mercedes Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe

2) Which Company First Mass Produced a Hybrid Vehicle?

Answer: Toyota

3) Which is the Longest Lasting Car Model in Production?

Answer: Chevrolet Suburdan

4) Which Car Company Introduced the First Minivan?

Answer: Chrysler Corporation

5) Which Country Produces the Most Electric Vehicles?

Answer: China


Quiz Answers (26 Sep) :

1) Type of Car that is powered by hydrogen?

Answer: Fuel Cell car

2) State with Highest Number of EV Registered?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

3) Car Brand With Blue Link Connected Car Tech ?

Answer: Hyundai

4) Maruthi Suzuki baleno is?

Answer: Hatchback

5) Mahindra XUV400 is a?

Answer: Electric SUV


Quiz Answers (25 Sep) :

1) Which car brand produces 'Triber' model?

Answer: Renault

2) Who has largest car manufacturing plant in India?

Answer: Tata Motors

3) Guess the car from image?

Answer: Jeep Compass

4) Which of these is not a Tata car?

Answer: Seltos

5) Which automaker produces X1, X3, X5 series cars?

Answer: BMW


Quiz Answers (24 Sep) :

1) Where can you buy car accessories on park+

Answer: All of the above

2) How many products are listed on park+ car shop

Answer: 5000+

3) What is the best selling item on park+ car shop today

Answer: Both 2 & 3

4) How long does park+ car shop to deliver orders

Answer: 2-4 days

5) What can you redeem with the petrol won after the quiz

Answer: All of the above


Quiz Answers (23 Sep) :

1) Which company uses slogan- “Sheer Driving Pleasure”?

Answer: BMW

2) Which is the largest car maker by sales?

Answer: Toyota

3) Safety system that prevents wherl loco during braking?

Answer: ABS

4) What helps cars maintain stability when cornering?

Answer: ESC

5) What type of car is designed for odd road driving?

Answer: SUV


Quiz Answers (22 Sep) :

1) Guess the movie name

Answer: Khiladi 786

2) India's largest car maker by market cap is

Answer: Maruti suzuki

3) Which is the largest electric car maker in India

Answer: Tata motors

4) Which is the largest two wheeler maker in India

Answer: Hero motocorp

5) Which is the largest three wheeler maker in India

Answer: Bajaj Auto


Quiz Answers (21 Sep) :

1) Which stock isn't listed on the Indian stock exchange ?

Answer: Hyundai

2) First auto stock to be listed on indian stock exchange?

Answer: Tata Motors

3) Guess the car in the image?

Answer: Tata Nexon

4) Which brand produces " TRIBER " ?

Answer: Renault

5) Which of the following isn't a jaguar model?

Answer: TL


Quiz Answers (20 Sep) :

1) Who is the Brand Ambassador of Audi in India?


2) Who is the Brand Ambassador of Hyundai Exter in India?


3) Who is the Brand Ambassador of BMW in India?


4)  Who is the Brand Ambassador of Ducati India?


5) Who was Hyundai's Brand Ambassador for 25 years?



Quiz Answers (19 Sep) :

1) Which is India's first 8 lane elevated expressway

Answer: Dwarka Expressway

2) Who made the first Highway of India

Answer: Sher Shah Suri

3) Which is the longest highway in India

Answer: NH44

4)  Which is the busiest highway in India

Answer: NH48

5) _____ has the world's longest tunnel above 3000m

Answer: India


Quiz Answers (18 Sep) :

1) What is the first Indian car to be exported to Europe

Answer: Zen

2) Minimum age for driving car in India is

Answer: 18

3) What does this road sign signify

Answer: One way traffic

4)  What is this car part

Answer: Radiator

5) Guess the movie from this scene

Answer: Anjaana anjaani


Quiz Answers (14 Sep) :

1) What does initials DB (eg DB11) stand for

Answer: David brown

2) The bmw logo uses colours from which country flag

Answer: Germany

3) Guess the car in this image

Answer: Maruti invicto

4)  What car was seen the on movie Haathi mere saathi

Answer: Chevrolet Impala

5) What car was featured in movie taarzan the wonder car

Answer: Toyota mr2


Quiz Answers (13 Sep) :

1) Which automaker's emblem is shaped like a diamond?

Answer: Renault

2) Where's the most expensive l number plate ever sold?

Answer: Dubai

3) What was the first car to break the sound barrier?

Answer: Thrust SSC

4)  ____is the private racetrack owned by Ferrari?

Answer: Fiorano Circuit

5) Which iconic car has appeared in seven Bond films?

Answer: Aston Martin DB5


Quiz Answers (12 Sep) :

1) Where is the headquarters of Ferrari located?

Answer:  Maranello, Italy

2) What shape is the Ferrari logo?

Answer: Shield

3) Which of these is the oldest active F1 team?

Answer: Ferrari

4) In which country was the Tesla Model S first produced?

Answer: United States

5) ___ Company first produced 10 million units in a year?

Answer: Toyota


Quiz Answers (11 Sep) :

1) The Toyota land cruiser is well known for its

Answer:  Off road capabilities

2) Which car manufacturer uses the slogan simply clever

Answer: Skoda

3) What does ATV stands for

Answer: All terrain vehicle

4) In which city headquarters of kia located

Answer: Seoul

5) What was one of mr beans favourite car colors

Answer: Yellow


Quiz Answers (10 Sep) :

1) What is a pony car in the car world?

Answer:  Compact, sporty, compact cars (D)

2) What does the term horsepower refer to in cars?

Answer: The engine's power output (C)

3) What is the first colour of every Ferrari model

Answer: Red (D)

4) Go further is the slogan of which car company

Answer: Ford (B)

5) Which is the world's oldest car manufacturer company

Answer: Peugeot (A)

Quiz Answers (9 Sep) :

1) Which company introduced 3-point seat belts?

Answer: Volvo (D)

2) Skoda is a car brand from which country?

Answer: Czech Republic (A)

3) Which a NOT a brand within the General Motors company?

Answer: Ford (C)

4) Double wishbone is a type of ___

Answer: Suspension (C)

5) ____ is the main character in Disney cartoon "Cars"?

Answer: Lightning McQueen (B)


Quiz Answers (8 Sep) :

1) Who was Lord Krishna's childhood friend and companion?

Answer: Sudama (A)

2) Where did Lord Krishna serve as Arjuna's Charioteer?

Answer: Battle of Kurukshetra (B)

3) Krishna is considered to be ___th Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Answer: 8th (D)

4) What musical instrument is linked to Lord Krishna?

Answer: Flute (A)

5) What festival marks Krishna lifting Govardhan Hill?

Answer: Govardhan Pooja (C)


Quiz Answers (7 Sep) :

1) What is Lord Krishna's childhood name?

Answer: Gopal (B)

2) Who was Lord Krishna's foster mother?

Answer: Yashoda (C)

3) What is the divine weapon of Lord Krishna?

Answer: Sudarshana Chakra (A)

4) In which city was Lord Krishna born?

Answer: Mathura (B)

5) Lord Krishna was Avatar of which god?

Answer: Vishnu (C)


Quiz Answers (6 Sep) :

1) How did the Lamborghini Aventador get its name?

Answer: Fighting Bull Name (D)

2) "Check Engine" light on a dashboard is also known as: 

Answer: Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) (C)

3) Which one of these car brands isn't from South Korea?

Answer: Fiat (C)

4) Which brand is known for "X" and "3 series" models?

Answer: BMW (C)

5) The "PHEV" acronym in automotive terms stands for: 

Answer: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (C)


Quiz Answers (5 Sep) :

1) The "D" in "DCT" transmission stands for 

Answer: Dual (B)

2) Which car company has won the most F1 championships? 

Answer: Ferrari (A)

3) Guess the car name from the image? 

Answer: Tata Nexon (C)

4) Which car is the most expensive car to insure? 

Answer: Maserati Quattroporte (A)

5) Which company is known for "M series" performance cars? 

Answer: BMW (C)


Quiz Answers (4 Sep) :

1) The Toyota Prius is a ___ car:

Answer:  Hybrid car (B)

2) The backbone of the internal combustion engine is 

Answer: Crankshaft (D)

3) The Nurburgring is a racetrack located in 

Answer: Germany (C)

4) Which car part stores energy and helps start engine?

Answer: Battery (B)

5) McLaren F1 supercar has a ____ seat layout: 

Answer: Three (C)


Quiz Answers (3 Sep) :

1) What does "4x4" refer to in relation to vehicles?

Answer:  Four-wheel drive (C)

2) Guess the car in the image?

Answer:  Tata Altroz (C)

3) Which brand has stopped selling cars in India?

Answer:  Chevrolet (C)

4) Which movie features a DeLorean traveling through time?

Answer:  Back to the Future (A)

5) Which was the first car to have gullwing doors?

Answer: Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (C)


Quiz Answers (2 Sep) :

1) Which company produces the rally car sport Quattro S1

Answer: Audi

2) In formula 1 racing what does Pit Stop refers to

Answer: A stop for tire change, fuel and adjustment during the race

3) What part can cause alignment problems

Answer: Worn wheel bearings

4) Guess the car name from the image

Answer: Force gurkha

5) Which car manufacturer introduces the SUV brezza

Answer: Maruti suzuki


Quiz Answers (1 Sep) :

1) What does the odometer measures

Answer: Distance travelled

2) What colour are brake lights

Answer: Red

3) Which country produces the car brand toyota

Answer: Japan

4) Which company refers to 3 diamond emblem

Answer: Mitsubishi

5) Which brand is known as Spirit of ecstasy ornament

Answer: Rolls Royce


Quiz Answers (31 Aug) :

1) Maximum number of poll options allowed in community

Answer: 4

2) You can't save a community post

Answer: False

3) What's the 2nd tab in the community, after "For You"

Answer: Explore

4) Which theme doesn't exist in the community

Answer: Car garage

5) You can follow the community themes and members

Answer: True


Quiz Answers (30 Aug) :

1) What is the daily challenge posted

Answer: Car photography challenge (B)

2) What is the name of park + pricipal correspondent

Answer: Shubham parashar (B)

3) Newest car review in latest/car review

Answer: Mahindra xuv 700 (C)

4) Where to attach image in community's create post

Answer: Bottom left (C)

5) Community posts are moderated post publishing

Answer: True (A)


Quiz Answers (29 Aug) :

1) "Chevrolet" is a division of which company?

Answer: General Motors (GM) (A)

2) Which car manufacturer has an iconic trident logo?

Answer: Maserati (C)

3) Which country had the first car?

Answer: Germany  (B)

4) A convertible car with retractable hardtop is called?

Answer: Coupe Cabriolet (B)

5) What part of the car is also called Trunk?

Answer: Boot (B)


Quiz Answers (28 Aug) :

1) Which car brand has a plus sign in its logo?

Answer: Chevrolet (B)

2) What is the name of the car in the image?

Answer: Santro (D)

3) What unit measures the power of an engine? 

Answer: Horsepower (hp) (C)

4) The top speed of Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ is ?

Answer: 489 km/h (C)

5) Which car part is known as the Brian of vehicle?

Answer:  ECU (Engine Control Unit) (D)


Quiz Answers (27 Aug) :

Q1. Which was the first car launched by Hyundai in India?

Answer: Santro (C)

Q2. Which car is shown in the Image?

Answer: MG astor (C)

Q3. Who owns jaguar land rover?

Answer: Tata motors (C)

Q4. What does sub 4 meter refers to in cars?

Answer: Cars under 4m in length (B)

Q5. What is the primary purpose of bumpers in cars?

Answer: Protecting the vehicle and it's occupants during low speed collisions (A)


Quiz Answers (26 Aug) :

1) Which car concept does this image depict?

Answer: Kiger (C)

2) All Tesla cars run on which type of fuel? 

Answer: Electricity (C)

3) When was the first Auto Expo in India? 

Answer: 1986 (B)

4) Which Indian City is known as "Motor City of India"? 

Answer: Chennai (B)

5) What fuel type is used by majority of cars in India? 

Answer: Petrol (B)


Quiz Answers (25 Aug) :

1) The "Creta" is a popular SUV produced by

Answer: Hyundai (B)

2) What is the full form of "XUV"?

Answer: Crossover Utility Vehicle (D)

3) Taarzan -The wonder

Answer: Car (C)

4) Which car is featured in the song "Mero Sapno ki Rani"?

Answer: 964 Willys Jeep CJ3B (A)

5) Part that stops vehicles by applying friction to wheels?

Answer: Brake Pad (D)


Quiz Answers (22 Aug) :

1) Which car model is driven by famous agent James Bond?

Answer: Aston Martin DB5 (A)

2) the first official motor race was held in which year?

Answer: 1894 (C)

3) What was the former name of the car manufacturer Audi?

Answer: Auto Union (C)

4) What is the name of the luxury division of Toyota?

Answer: Lexus (C)

5) Sports car are typically designed with how many seats?

Answer: 2 seats (A)


Quiz Answers (21 Aug) :

1) "Internet Inside" is which car company uses this tag?

Answer: MG (B)

2) Which sun sign features in the Lamborghini logo?

Answer: Taurus (A)

3) Which is the oldest car company in India?

Answer:  Hindustan Motors (B)

4) Which brand makes the most cars in the world?

Answer: Toyota (B)

5) Which car manufacturer also made airplane engines?

Answer: BMW (C)


Quiz Answers (20 Aug) :

Q. A bull is part of logo for which italian car company
Answer: Lamborghini (C)

Q. What is the highest grossing movie about car racing
Answer: Furious 7 (A)

Q. What unit measures the capacity of an EV battery
Answer: kilowatt-hours (kwh) (A)

Q. Who drew the first car in 1478 on paper
Answer: Leonardo Da Vinci (B)

Q. What was the name of the first car invented
Answer: Benz patent Motorwagen (B)


Quiz Answers (19 Aug) :

Q. What do the initials BMW stands for
Answer: Bavarian motor works (B)

Q. When was the First traffic light invented
Answer: 1914 (D)

Q. What car was the First to be mass produced in india
Answer: Hindustan ambassador (C)

Q. On average how many parts are there in a car
Answer: 30000 (C)

Q. What was the name of the first car sent inTo space
Answer: Tesla roadster (A)


Quiz Answers (18 Aug) :

1) How many rings are there in Audi logo
Answer: Four rings (D)

2) Where is the main Headquarter of Maruti suzuki
Answer: New Delhi (A)

3) What year is the birth of modern automobiles
Answer: 1886 (A)

4) What is the most popular color for a car
Answer: White (B)

5) What is the name of the van in cartoon scooby doo
Answer: Mystery machine (A)


Quiz Answers (17 Aug) :

1) In 'Dil Chahta Hai', which car was mostly featured?

Answer: Mercedes-Benz 300SL-24 (A)

2) Which country manufactures the most cars?

Answer: China (C)

3) The electric car "Nexon EV" is manufactured by?

Answer: Tata Motors (A)

4) In which year did India start manufacturing cars?

Answer: 1957 (A)

5) Which fuel gives the highest mileage (fuel efficiency)?

Answer: CNG (B)


Quiz Answers (16 Aug) :

1) How many cars are stolen in India every year?

Answer: 100,000 (A)

2) What does "Tri-Five" mean for classic cars?

Answer: A specific group of Chevrolet cars from 1955-1957 (C)

3) Who bought the first car in India?

Answer: JN Tata (A)

4) Where is the headquarters of BMW located?

Answer: Munich (B)

5) In Formula 1 racing, what does DRS stand for?

Answer: Drag Reduction System (A)


Quiz Answers (15 Aug) :

1) Which freedom fighter owned Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru (B)

2) Which freedom fighter used the car - wanderer W24?

Answer: Subhas Chandra Bose (B)

3) Which car was first manufactured in independent India?

Answer: Hindustan Ambassador (C)

4) Indian Army's go-to-off-road military vehicle?

Answer: Mahindra Rakshak (C)

5) Which is the new 4X4 in Indian Army?

Answer: Toyota Hilux (A)


Quiz Answers (13 Aug) :

1) Feature that maintains speed without using accelerator?

Answer: Cruise Control (A)

2) What filters pollution before it enters car engine?

Answer: Air Filter (A)

3) What feature adjusts the angles of headlight at night?

Answer: Adaptive Headlights (C)

4) What part converts piston motion to drive wheels?

Answer: Crankshaft (C)

5) What is the primary purpose of a car's suspension?

Answer: Absorb bump recoil and handling on road (C)


Quiz Answers (12 Aug) :

1) Which manufacturer introduced the SUV "Brezza"?

Answer:  Maruti Suzuki (B)

2) Who got the "indian car of the year " award for 2023Kia Carens

Answer: Kia Carens (A)

3) Which manufacturer produced the sedan  "Aspire"?

Answer: Ford India (B)

4) Which manufacturer launched the EV "Kona Electric"?

Answer: Hyundai (D))

5) Which car brand is famous for its "Flying B" mascot?

Answer: Bentley (D)


Quiz Answers (11 Aug) :

1) Which car brand features the Spirit of Ecstasy mascot?

Answer:  Rolls-Royce (A)

2) Which is the fastest Ferrari?

Answer: Ferrari SF90 Stradale (A)

3) "Duster" SUV is manufactured by which company?

Answer: Renault India (B)

4) Which brand has the tagline "The Power of Dreams"?

Answer: Honda India (C)

5) Which car manufacturer produces the "Baleno"?

Answer: Maruti Suzuki (D)


Quiz Answers (10 Aug) :

1) Which brand is known for the model 'Quattroporte'?

Answer: Maserati

2) Which Company makes an SUV model 'Q5'?

Answer: Audi

3) Complete the movie title 'Mere dad ki....'

Answer: Maruti

4) 'Ghibli' is a model of which brand?

Answer: Maserati

5) Which country produce the 'Mini Cooper' in the 1960's?

Answer: United Kingdom


Quiz Answers (9 Aug) :

1) Triumph has a partnership with which manufacturer?

Answer: Bajaj (B)

2) Who is Harley Davidson's partner in India?

Answer: Hero (B)

3) Which brand owns Ducati, Bentley, Porsche, and Audi?

Answer: Volkswagen (A)

4) What does TPMS stand for?

Answer: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (C)

5) Which luxury car brand has "three-pointed" star logo?

Answer: Mercedes-Benz (B)