Hi Dealnlooters, hope you are safe at your homes in tough times of this pandemic that is trying to grip our lives. Corona has certainly left us all puzzled what to do, bringing all that busy life to a sudden halt. Yesterday, PM Modi announced a 21-day lockdown in the country to help prevent the spread of the contagious virus.

dealnloot quiz contest corona virus get Rs 300 paytm cash

E-commerce websites such as Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon have also partially/completely halted their operations. We do understand how difficult it is for everyone to spend time locked up at homes and thus we thought to bring a small quiz contest to help you people spend time, have some moments of fun and at the same time also win some PayTM Cash.

At the same time, we have also created a kind of masterpost where we will be posting some free stuff such as subscriptions etc. So, keep visiting that page as well.

Winners are Abhishek Singh, Naushi, Kishore, Anubhab, Akshay, Padam, Ranjan Nayak, Shibatosh Das, Manoj and Jatin respectively for 10 questions. Mail at [email protected] to claim your PayTM Cash.
Thank you everyone for participating in the contest. Hope you had 40-45 minutes of fun. Stay Safe :) Winners will be announced shortly!
Question 10 - What are you doing sitting at your homes? There is no correct answer. The best answer will be chosen the winner. So take your time and comment.
Question 9 - Name any 3 title sponsors of IPL till date?
Question 8 - How much money has the Indian Central Government pledged towards the improvement of health infrastructure in yesterday's PM Modi's 'Mann ki baat'?
Question 7 - If 1+5+9 = 5, 2+5+6+3 = 0, 5+7 = 2, what is 8+5+2?
Question 6 - Name a website which is providing free online live classes for Class 6th - 12th students ?
Question 5 -
If "anoroc= corona"
What is "gnicnatsid laicos niatniam, efas yats ot ylraluger sdnah hsaw, emoh ta yats"
Question 4 - Name an online multiplayer game which will also be soon coming up with their 13th season just like IPL's 13th?
Question 3 - Name a cricketer whose full name's first alphabets are all consecutive? for e.g. Let's say for MS Dhoni to be correct, one of MSD/MDS/DSM/DMS/SMD/SDM shall come together in English alphabets.
Question 2 - Name a hollywood movie which is based on spread of a deadly virus in the world, which leads to worldwide panic.
Question 1 - What was the original date when IPL 13 was scheduled to begin and till when has it been postponed now?

How to participate in the Dealnloot Quiz Contest?

1 . Get ready at 5:30 PM

2. There will be a total 10 questions asked each at an interval of 3-5 minutes.

3. You just need to be quickest to post the correct answer in the comment box. If you are the first one to answer a particular question correctly, you are the winner.

4. Each question carries a prize worth Rs 30 (30*10=300) Paytm Cash.

Process of Redemption

1. After the list of winners is announced at around 8 PM, kindly mail us if you are one among them to [email protected] from the same email id which you used while commenting. The email subject shall be "Quiz Contest Prize Claim" and shall contain the Winning Question number and the registered Paytm mobile number.

2. We will send the Paytm cash worth Rs 30 to your mobile number

3. Use Paytm Cash to do mobile recharge or shop online and much more.

Enjoy !!

Rules of the Contest

1 . 1st person to give the correct answer to a particular question will win the prize.

2. There is only one winner per question.

3. Contest will be conducted on Wednesday (25th March 2020) at sharp 5:30 PM.

4. Once a new question is asked, no entries for the old question will be considered

5. Make sure that you use a working Email ID as you will be getting the prizes to that mail ID itself from which you have commented.

6. A single person can win a maximum of 2 times during the contest for everyone to have a fair chance

7. Dealnloot Team reserves all rights to modify the terms and conditions and take decisions on its discretion.