"If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher" - These are true words from the Great Lt. APJ Abdul Kalam.

June 19th i.e. Sunday is a special day devoted to one of these 3 pillars of society - A man who lives his life for children - A father ! On this special occasion, we will be celebrating with a short quiz contest on this Sunday where you just need to answer some simple questions and you get to win prizes worth Rs 1000 in form of amazon gift vouchers or paytm wish a/c to your wish :)

father day contest dealnloot win prizes worth Rs 1000

Winners have been announced and are requested to send an email at [email protected] with what they want - Paytm Cash/Amazon voucher. A request from Dealnloot Team - Please wish your father a Happy Father's Day and always make him feel proud !
Bonus Question - What is the importance of your father in your life ? The 5 best answers will be selected by dealnloot team and awarded with Rs 20 paytm cash each. Be true to yourself. No need to write perfect answers by googling to win. A heart-touching story between you and your father will sound great :) Entries to this question open till 4:45 PM but you can keep sharing your stories. Would love to hear them :)
5 winners - rahul , AKHIL, Zeeshan tarique, Abhishek sain, Aman. It was very tough for us to choose these. All others were great too and most importantly everyone loves their father. We are therefore giving Rs 10 paytm cash each to 10 more winners - naushu, Abir, Snehal Razzi, KUNTAL DUTTA, shalu, akash rana, shoab, satish !
King Cricket wins a special prize of Rs 20
Question 20 - Give a link to any book on amazon whose title contains the word 'DAD'. (Winner - Snehal Rizzi, email - sneh****[email protected])
Question 19 - Name a bollywood movie which means 'FATHER' in english .(Winner - Kumar, email - d****[email protected])
Question 18 - Amazon is providing 5% off on Gift Vouchers as a part of their Father's Day offers this year. What is the working coupon code to get that 5% off ? (Winner - Tarun, email - taru*****[email protected])
Question 17 - The 25th Marriage Anniversary of your father is known as which Jubilee ? (Winner - Kumar, email - d****[email protected])
Question 16 - A mother and her son were travelling in the car, they had an accident. Mother died on the spot and son loses his consciousness. He was taken to hospital. The doctor said I can't operate this boy, because he is my son. Who is the doctor ?  (WinnerMahi, email - ddu****[email protected])
Question 15 - Name any bollywood song which contains word "Papa". The song name should contain atleast 5 words when you answer it. (WinnerManoj, email - man****[email protected])
Question 14 - Your father and mother age 71 years together. Your brother's age is 9 years who is 2 years older than you. You and your mother's combined age is 41 years. What is your father's age ? (WinnerDev, email - drk****[email protected])
Question 13 - Snapdeal gave a father's day special offer of Rs 100 off. Give a link to our post based on that offer. (Winneravi, email - avin*****[email protected])
Question 12 - What is the maximum amount of prize a single person can win a/c to rules of Dealnloot's Father Day contest of 19th June 2016 ? (WinnerRavi, email - rav*****[email protected])
Question 11 - Rina has a friend whose father has 4 children. 3 of them are June, July, August. What is the name of his 4th child going by the sequence of names ? (WinnerAakash, email - nig****[email protected])
Question 10 - If FATHER=21, DADDY= 26, DAD=5, what is PAPA equal to ? (WinnerSourav Mishra, email - coo*****[email protected])
Question 9 - When is the father's day celebrated every year ? Is father's day a working day or not. Answer both questions in one comment. (WinnerAkhil, email - ak****[email protected])
Question 8 - A is your father's mother. B is A's husband. C is B's only daughter-in-law. D is C's father. E is D's only daughter. F is E's husband. What is the relation between you and F. Today is a special day for F. (WinnerSuraksha, email - ss*****[email protected])
Question 7 - Name the fathers of the technology which most of the people would use to answer this question and without which you can't play this contest. (WinnerHemanth, email - co****[email protected])
Question 6 - Reverse the alphabets of each word of quoted sentence - "ym rehtaf si eht tseb ni eht dlrow" (WinnerRuhee, email - ruh***[email protected])
Question 5 - A father aged 6 times his son on his son's 6th birthday. His son celebrated his 11th birthday exactly 2 years back. What is the father's age now ? (WinnerRuhee, email - ruh***[email protected])
Question 4 - Name any valid english word by adding exactly one alphabet of your choice anywhere in the word "FATHER" (Winnerchirag, emailchir****[email protected])
Question 3 - If A=2, B=4, C=6 and ABC=12, then what is FATHER = ? (WinnerSuyash, email - suy****[email protected])
Question 2 - Give any 4 names by which children usually call their father. For eg - A mother is called Mummy, Ma, Mumma etc. (WinnerNeeraj, emailnee***[email protected])
Question 1 - Who is known as the father of our nation ? Mention full name including middle name (Winnerchirag, emailchir****[email protected])

We will be sending the gift vouchers based on "Father's day theme". So set your alarms for 3 PM this sunday as the fun begins then and here :)

How to participate in the giveaway ?

1. Well its very easy to participate in this contest. You just need to be active on dealnloot at 3 PM on 19th June 2016 i.e. Sunday

2. We will start asking questions and you get ready with answers.

3. You just need to be quickest to post the correct answer in the comment box.

Process of Redemption

1. After the list of winners is announced at around 5:30 PM, kindly mail us if you are one among them.

2. We will send the amazon gift voucher or paytm cash worth Rs 50 to your email account

3. Visit amazon here and shop for anything and get Rs 50 discount using this voucher :) or use Paytm Cash.

Enjoy !!

Rules of the contest

1 . Every 1st comment with the correct answer will win the prize. But if your comment is in the 1st position and your answer is wrong then you wont get the recharge.

2. For one question, max number of winners that will be announced is one only.

3. Contest will be conducted for Sunday only at sharp 3 PM.

4. Prize carried by 1 correct answer is Rs 50

5. Once a new question is asked, no entries for the old question will be considered

6. Make sure that you use a working Email ID as you will be getting the prizes to that mail ID itself from which you have commented.

7. A single person can win a maximum of 2 times during the contest for everyone to have a fair chance

8. There will be a total of 20 questions asked in the contest at intervals of around 5 minutes each.

9. Dealnloot Team reserves all rights to modify the terms and conditions and take decisions on its discretion.