A simple mental health questionnaire of 2 questions from Bournvita. Another questionaire on a dessert and then another on mental health. Answer these 3 quizzes and you will get Rs.10 Paytm cash for each. In total, Rs 30. Answers below.

bournvita quiz

Note: Open the links in Incognito Tab (Private window) as some users are otherwise being redirected to PayTM app and error message of app upgrade is appearing.

How to get free Rs.20 to Rs 30 Paytm cash? :

1. Visit here via mobile only | Visit here for another quiz via mobile only | Visit here for one more quiz via mobile only (This third one may not work for all)

2. Enter Name, Email and your Paytm mobile number 

3. Select Mental health image and answer 2 simple questions

Answer 1 - Option 1

Answer 2 - Option 1

bournvita quiz 1

4. Done !! Rs.10 will be credited immediately in your Paytm wallet.

5. For the Dessert Quiz (Link 2), choose any dessert to start quiz. Answers are Option 1 again - Chocoa Powder and Turmeric.


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