Hello dealnlooters, we are back with a new crypto loot. Now Sign up and Get 1 MBase token worth 6.8$ free. Its a huge loot. Don't miss it guys. So, Hurry up!!


How to Sign up and Get 1 MBase worth 6.8$ daily?

1- Visit here- https://app.minebase.io/?su=4826b04e

2- Register > Email verification

3- Select Wallet to create MBase & ETH wallet address > Generate Addresses

4- Click CTP > Period of Time

5- Now wait for the code

6- Return after 24 hours, it will show the code

7- Copy code and press submit

7- Log in again, come back again at this page, scroll down to get the code 

8- Paste it, then submit to receive 1MBASE