Today once again we are back with an awesome crypto loot. Now get Get 80 Token for free for all user. So must avail it. This token is locked in for some time. After that you can sell it and take money in bank.


Note 1- Token will unlock after 61 days. 

Note 2- If you are new Trust wallet user, then See the procedure to create account in trust wallet, pls visit here

How to get 80 CYM token free? 

1- First of all, Open trust wallet

2- Go to Dapps

3- Paste this link in bar and then Enter-

3- Paste this link-

4- Click on connect wallet and choose smart chain network to connect

5- Now go to airdrop area and click "start for free"

6- now complete few task

7-First task-

Follow instructions and Join 2 telegram group and send given "code"in telegram group to very you. Then click " Done, let's proceed".

8- Second task-. (You can skip) 

1.Open Twitter, Search and Follow our Twitter Page @CylumFinance

2.Retweet the Pinned Post on our twitter page (Just click and back)

3.Tag a mimimum of 3 Friends with any of these hashtags: #CYM #Cylum #Staking #AutoCompound #CylumAutoStaking

Then click " Done, let's proceed"

9- Third Task- (You may skip) 

Subscribe YouTube channel

Then click " Done, let's proceed". (Optional, just click and back)

10- Now click on submit data

11- Give Email, telegram username

12. Submit

13- Now add this contract address into trust wallet-


Network- Smart chain

14- Within 24 hour token will be credited into your wallet

*Till launch of this token. It will be in auto staking and will be earned to you as some extra interest for staking. On launching it will be unlock and then you can sale*