Hey guys, We are back with another crypto loot. Now this time loot is coming from ByTrade Exchange, BTT is native token of ByTrade. Now ByTrade is offering a massive offer where just Sign up & Do KYC to get Instant 400 BTT Token worth 7$ (Rs 600). You can instant sell and withdraw this token via P2P method. But I recommend to wait till 15 Nov 2022 for the listing. It may be give huge profit. SO, Till then loot and keep this token. 


How to Sign up & Do KYC to get Instant 400 BTT Token worth 7$ (Rs 600)?

1- Visit here to Sign up - https://www.bytrade.io/h5/integralRegister?inviteCode=435297&uuid=54265263

2- Download App and Sign up via Email

3- Enter refer code- 435297 (Must)

4- Verify Email.

5- Instant You will get 100 BTT token (But You are not able to withdraw without kyc)

6- Now, DO kyc with any documents like Voter ID, DL, Aadhar , PAN  etc. along with a selfie with a paper in which it is written- BYTRADE and Todays date

7- After kyc done, Instant you will get more 300 BTT token.

8- Now If you want to sell this token, then Go to P2P at homepage and sell your token to another buyer

9- Otherwise wait till 15 Nov 2022 for listing of this token. Price may be up 2x-3x time.

10- Now Do refer for more tokens.

BTT Proof-

BTT proof