A new crypto loot is arrived now. Just create wallet like Trust wallet and Complete simple task to get assured guaranteed token reward up to 500000 $. So, hurry up!!

Note- Assure Wallet is just like trust wallet. 

How to Complete simple task to get assured token up to 500000 $ ?

1- First of all, Download Assure wallet from here (Must)

2- Create a new wallet like - Trust wallet and  save phrase key

3- Set Password

3- Now Go  to Profile, You will option - GET SURPRISE BOX

Note- You will option to bind referal code. Enter - 3QKPV4WD

4- Now Click- Finish task to get Greeting BOX

5- Now Choose Task 1 and just Deposit 100$ to this ASSURE wallet once to complete task. After deposit, you can instant withdraw  back into your original wallet.  (If you dont have 100$ then you can deposit 10$ and withdraw it back then again same 10$ deposit and withdraw it back. Do it  up to complete 100$). Your first task is completed.

Note- Need To Complete 1 swap Use (Pancakeswap or BakerySwap). After that You can Withdraw Your Money  back into source account & After 1/2 hour you can claim the mystery box.

6- Now wait for 3 hours

7- Now go to DAPPS in ASSURE wallet and open any site for 10-15 seconds

8- Done.

9- Now go back to Mystry Box page and Open your Mystry box to win Big Reward.