Test your luck to win Rs.5000 amazon pay balance. Answer 5 simple Amazon quiz questions now. Check out the answers below !!

amazon daily quiz nov 6

How to Answer 5 simple questions and stand a chance to win Rs.1000 Amazon pay balance? :

1 . Visit here via Amazon app or search "Quiz" and select Funzone > Scroll down

2. Now click on 'Start game'

3. Start Answering the questions asked

Question 1 - Who is the first Black woman to appear on the US quarter

Answer 1 - Maya Angelou

Question 2 - Joumou soup is a traditional pumpkin soup from which country that recently got the UNESCO cultural heritage status?

Answer 2 - Haiti

Question 3 - Yutu-2 is the robotic lunar rover of which country's mission to the Moon?

Answer 3 - China

Question 4 - Species of which fish, referred to earlier as ‘trash fish’ is named after this animal?

Answer 4 - Alligator Gar

Question 5 - This visual shows which city?

Answer 5 - Varanasi

That's it! You have successfully completed the Quiz. Check winners on 7th November 2022.

amazon daily quiz nov 6 1


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