Amazon's daily quiz for 30 October 2022 is live. Answer 5 simple questions and stand a chance to win Rs.2500 Amazon pay balance. Check out the answers below.

amazon quiz 30 oct

How to Answer 5 simple questions and stand a chance to win Rs.5000 Amazon pay balance? :

1 . Visit here via Amazon app or search "Quiz" and select Funzone > Scroll down

2. Now click on 'Start game'

3. Start Answering the questions asked

Question 1 - Which Olympic medalist will face trial for murder in connection with the death of junior wrestler Sagar Dhankar?

Answer 1 - Sushil Kumar

Question 2 - Who plays the role of Sherlock Holmes in the movie 'Enola Holmes 2'

Answer 2 - Henry Cavill

Question 3 - Indian origin Suella Braverman held which post in the UK government from which she resigned?

Answer 3 - Home Secretary

Question 4 - This is the Shanti Stupa. It is located in which of these places?

Answer 4 - Leh

Question 5 - This is a sculpture of which famous actress?

Answer 5 - Marilyn Monroe

That's it! You have successfully completed the Quiz. Check winners on 31st October 2022.

amazon quiz 30 oct 1


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