Amazon's Thankyou India quiz for 24th October is live. Answer 7 simple questions and stand a chance to win Rs.50000 Amazon pay balance, check out for the quiz answers below !!

thankyou india quiz 24 oct

How to Answer 7 simple questions and stand a chance to win Rs.50000 Amazon pay balance? :

1 . Visit here via Amazon app or search "Quiz" and select Funzone > Scroll down

2. Now click on 'Start game'

3. Start Answering the questions asked

Question 1 - The number of smartphones sold in Amazon, stacked one on top of the other would be ____ times higher than the Burj Khalifa. (Fill in the blanks)

Answer 1 - 1100

Question 2 - How many unique customers redeemed the Diamonds to avail cashbacks & win Jackpots?

Answer 2 - 2,000,000

Question 3 - India bought 1 TV every ____ seconds from Amazon. (Fill in the blanks)

Answer 3 - 4

Question 4 - On Echo devices, customers placed ____ voice orders per hour, to avail the Alexa-exclusive deal on a smart bulb at INR 99, till it was sold out. (Fill in the blanks)

Answer 4 - 500+

Question 5 - How many sellers got their first ever B2B order on Amazon during Great Indian Festival from customers across India?

Answer 5 - Over 6,000

Question 6 - Number of sarees sold during the Great Indian Festival can create a straight path from ________ and back. (Fill in the blank)

Answer 6 - Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Question 7 - How much did the customers save on their ticket bookings via Amazon?

Answer 7 - More than ₹ 16 crores

That's it! You have successfully completed the Quiz. Check winners on 1st November 2022.

thankyou india quiz 24 oct 1


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