Aadhaar- Generate Virtual ID of Your Aadhaar and Protect Your Privacy

Have you Aadhaar Card and worried about disclose of your Privacy on sharing Aadhaar Card.  Well, After years of criticism about the weakness of Aadhaar systems and the dangers to hack of privacy, the Unique Identification Authority of India introduced a new process that it hopes will be more secure. The “Virtual ID” is supposed to replace your 12-digit biometric-based Aadhaar number, allowing you to use it for authentication without giving away the Unique ID itself. Now Generate Virtual ID of Your Aadhaar and Protect Your Privacy.

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How to generate Virtual Id of Your Aadhaar and Keep Your Privacy Safe?

1- Visit here

2- Enter Aadhaar No and Security Code

3- OTP will come on your registered Mobile No

4- After Enter OTP, Your VID will be generated

5- You will get MSG like this-

Congratulations! Your VID Number Successfully Generated and sent to your registered mobile.

6- You will receive your Virtual ID on Your Mobile

7- Now Share  This Virtual ID  to anyone where is required

8- Done

What is Virtual ID-

Virtual ID will be a 16-digit random number that is mapped to your Aadhaar number. Once you have generated a Virtual ID, you can provide that 16-digit number, instead of your Aadhaar number, to any agency seeking to use Aadhaar to authenticate you.

How It Protects your Privacy?

  • When you give your Virtual ID to an authentication agency
  • They will enter it into the system
  • Then They will receive a UID token that authenticates it, and provides a limited set of demographic details, such as your name, phone number, address and so on.
  • Simply put, these agencies will now be able to authenticate you without ever actually seeing your Aadhaar number.

Thus Your Whole data will not seen by any Agency  and your privacy will be safe

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