Mobile Talktime Loan- Get Mobile Talktime loan on Your Own Mobile Number (All Major networks)

Are your Mobile Balance low? and There are no way to  recharge your Phone near you. Generally, We often face this type of problems due to running out of balance. For such cases operators give facility to get emergency talktime loan. At that Situation, you can easily get Talktime Balance by by dialing a USD code or via IVR. So Get Talktime loan and enjoy!!

Mobile Talktime Loan- Get Mobile Talktime loan on Your Own Mobile Number (All networks)

How to get Talktime Loan?

Here We are providing step be step Procedure to avail Talktime loan from various Indian Mobile Operator

1- Vodafone: 

Mobile Talktime Loan- Vodafone

Procedure-  Vodafone users just need to send an sms type CREDIT And send it to 144 ,you will get 10 Rs as loan in your balance.

“Vodafone Provides talk time loans such as Rs.5 or Rs.10 or Rs.25 . Vodafone offers to get a loan to the users by sending a sms “credit” to 144 or Call 1241 and select 1 as a loan option.”

2- Airtel-

Mobile Talktime Loan-airtel

Procedure-  Just dial *141# from your mobile And select the option for loan and get 10 Rs in your main account balance.

“Airtel Provides Talk Time Loan up to Rs.50 depending on the usage Pattern of subscriber . Airtel Mobile operator gives the highest Talk time loan as compared to other operator . I f you want to take a talk time loan from airtel then dialing *141# and follow the steps of airtel “

3- Aircel

Mobile Talktime Loan-Aircel

Procedure- Dial *414# and follow the instructions to get the loan talktime

“Aircel also offers Talk time loan to their customer up to Rs.10 instantly . It offers talk time loan bu using USSD code and by Sendind SMS in Aircel . if you wanna to get a loan in Aircel then dialing *414# { and choose option 1 to take a loan } and By sending
sms LOAN to 55414 .”

4- Idea-

Mobile Talktime Loan-Idea

Procedure- Dial *150*10# and get 10 Rs loan talktime

“Idea mobile operator also offers talktime loan to the indian subscriber. !dea offers minimum talk time loan of Rs.4 to the users and it will deduct the loan money as Rs.5 on the next recharge . If you want to get a loan in !dea mobiles then by dialing USSD
code *444# and follow the !dea instructions.”

5- Bsnl-

Mobile Talktime Loan-BSNL

Procedure-   Bsnl users just need to send an sms type CREDIT and send it to 53738 and get the loan.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Offers to the customer to take loan in emergency period . It provides Rs.10 as a loan to the users . If you want to take loan in BSNL operator then free to send a sms “Credit” to 53738.

6- Reliance-

Mobile Talktime Loan-Reliance

Procedure-Reliance users can activate the loan service by sending an sms-Type YCR and send to 51234. To unsubscribe sms NCR to 51234

Reliance offers Talk time loan for whose Customer who have completed sim card activation 90 days . It offers Rs.5 or Rs.10 as a Talk Time Loan to the active users . Reliance offers users to talk time loan by pressing the USSD code *141#

7- Docomo-

Mobile Talktime Loan-Docomo

Procedure- Dial *369# or sms ‘LOAN’ to 369 from docomo mobile get to the loan,you need to be a docomo customer for 90 days,and balance must be less than 5, to avail this.

Tata Docomo company also provides Talk time loan to the customers and to stay connected to their friends ,family and relatives in emergency period . His motto is to stay connected and enjoying by credit talktime .If you get a taltime loan then free to send a sms “LOAN” to 369 and dialing *369#

8- Videocon-

Mobile Talktime Loan-Videocon

Procedure- Get loan for 10,20,30 or 50 Rs on videocon,to avail the loan service on videocon just dial *140# and follow the instructions.

Videocon Telecom Mobile also presents Instant Balance means to Talk Time Loan to the Prepaid Users . When you are in emergency period or in critical position or phone interrupted then to get loan in Videocon mobile operator . If you want to take loanthen sending sms “LOAN” to 543212 or by dialing *140#

9- Telinor-

Mobile Talktime Loan-telenor

Procedure- Dial *141# to get 5 Rs loan.

Telenor (Former Known as Uninor) also provides talk time loan to the users after the completion of 90 days of mobile number activation . It offers Rs.5 as a Talk time loan to the customers . It will deducted loan balance in the next recharge . To get a loan Balance in Telenor By dialing USSD code *141# .

Talk Time Loan of Indian Mobile Operator-

1. Airtel –                                     *141#
2. Aircel –                                      *414# or sending sms “LOAN” to55414
3. !dea –                                         *444#
4. Reliance-                                   *141#
5. Videocon-                                 *140# or send sms LOAN to543212
6. Vodafone-                                 Sending sms “Credit” to 144 or Call 1241
7. Tata Docomo-                         *369# or call 369
8. Virgin-                                        *369# or send sms LOAN to 369
9. BSNL-                                           Sending sms “Credit” to 53738
10. Telenor-                                    *141#


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