Amazon – Get flat 15% cashback with amazon pay balance on all products (Max Rs 100)

Hurrah….! I’ll tell about this later why I said hurrah, first let me explain about the offer :P. By now we might have come to know that Amazon has a wallet but they don’t call it a wallet though and the recently they changed the name to “AMAZON PAY BALANCE“. They came up with several exciting offers and loots this year and again they are back with another coolest offer maybe to give a tough competition to its rivals or maybe to win the hearts of💞 their customer. Anyways they are giving a cashback of 15% if you make payments using the Amazon Pay Balance till 6th Nov.

Can you explain me in more detail?

Yes, of course. It’s very simple. Amazon is giving 15% cashback to the Amazon customers if they make a minimum payment of Rs.250 or more through their Amazon Pay Balance. It cannot be combined with any other payment method.

Guys, we may get several questions when such kind of offers was introduced and I gave a clarity regarding them in the form of question and answers.

1) What is the maximum cashback?

Ans: This is the first thing that comes into every bodies mind :P, of course count me in. They are giving a maximum cashback of Rs.100

2) How to avail the maximum benefit?

Ans: The amount that has to be spent to get the maximum cashback is Rs. 667

3) How to avail this offer?

Ans: Just add the balance to your Amazon Pay Balance and make payment through the Amazon Pay Balance.

4) Is this on any product specific?

Ans: No, the offer is valid on all products unless exclusively mentioned as not valid on some product page

5) Is this applicable to a single purchase?

Ans: This is one the reason why I told Hurrah. I’ll tell the main reason below. Amazon will calculate all the transactions for which we choose Amazon Pay Balance as a payment mode i.e., they will add the payments which we did use Amazon Pay Balance and issue the cashback.

6) So, when will we get the cashback and where would we get the cashback?

Ans: The cashback will be added to Amazon Pay Balance within 5 days of the order being shipped.

7) How could we get benefited by this offer?

Ans: Don’t worry, Dealnloot team will always keep their big eye on Amazon. So, we post the best and quality deals on Dealnloot. Please visit our site or else subscribe to the notifications.

Suggestions –

The below deal prices have been calculated by taking into account the 15% cashback. You must make payment with Amazon pay balance to grab deals at these prices. 

Will be added soon…



8) How to add balance to Amazon Pay Balance?

Ans: Simple, follow the below steps:

1) Click on the below buttonupcoming-amazon-get-upto-15-cashback-by-paying-through-amazon-pay-balance-banner-3

2) Enter the amount that you would like to add and click “Continue”

3) Choose the payment method and click on “Continue”

4) Click on “Place your order” and make payment.

5) That’s it. 🙂

Happy shopping

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Best author 👍


Any current offer in adding pay balance.


I am non prime user. Will i get 10% cb if i purchase amazon prime membership service during the offer period?


The orders which you place after becoming prime member would be considered for 15% cashback and the rest of them for 10%.


Thanks but read the question again. I am sure you didn’t got what I was trying to ask.


If there is oasis in a desert and to the surprise, that oasis turned out to be a river, then such river can be called as river only and not the oasis……desert will always have a huge sand in it and no matter what you do, that sand remains same 🙂 .

Vishal Patel

If you want buy prime membership then first go to vodafone app. you will show amazone prime membership offer there. you will get 250 cashback in amazon paybalance.

after that load money same day in amazone account you will get 20% cashback upto 300 rs in amazon pay balance.

remember that both thing done in same day to get 20% cashback on load money.


Oh my goddd!!!!! Its just like m reading a 4th stand book. BTW thanks.


Great post 📯

Prem Kumar

So cash back for all products ryt ?? Even if I buy one single electronic product of RS 500+??

Armaan Kalia

What if i pay amount partially with amazon pay balance and rest with debit card

Hima nagendra janjanam
Hima nagendra janjanam

please go through the whole post. This was explained in example 2


is this offer still working?
i have amazon prime account will i get 15% gift card balance??


i got cash back 450 from Amazon


when did u purchase? and how many days after ordering did u get cashback?


Will I get cashback for giftcards also?


Minimum amount to be eligible for cashback?


Any suggestions for good mixture grinder in 750w


sir i have made a transaction of rs 188 using A pay balance

if i made a transaction of rs 3000 will i get cb