(Expired) (Ends at 11:59 PM) Amazon – Get upto 15% cashback by paying through Amazon Pay Balance

Hurraahhh….! I’ll tell about this later why i said hurrah, first let me explain about the upcoming offer 😛 . By now we might have come to know that Amazon have a wallet but they don’t call it a wallet though and the recently they changed the name to “AMAZON PAY BALANCE“. They came up with several exciting offers and loots this year and again they are back with another coolest offer maybe to give a tough competition to its rivals or maybe to win the hearts 💞 of their customer. Anyways they are giving a cashback of upto 15% if you make payments using the Amazon Pay Balance from 15th Dec 2016 to 15th Jan 2017, both days are inclusive.upcoming-amazon-get-upto-15-cashback-by-paying-through-amazon-pay-balance-banner

Visit here to shop under this exciting offer. For max percentage savings, shop worth Rs 1000 and get Rs 250 cashback (Prime) or Rs 200 cashback (Non-Prime)

Can you explain me in more detail?

Yes, ofcourse. It’s very simple. Amazon is giving 15% cashback to the Amazon Prime customers if they make a minimum payment of Rs.100 through their Amazon Pay Balance and the normal customers will be provided a 10% cash back. It cannot be combined with any other payment method.

Guys we may get several questions when such kind of offers were introduced and i gave a clarity regarding them in the form of question and answers.

1) What is the maximum cashback?

Ans: This is the first thing that comes into every bodies mind 😛 , ofcourse count me in. They are giving a cashback of Rs.450 to the Prime customers (+Rs 100 on Rs 1000 or more) and 300 (+Rs 100 on Rs 1000 or more) to the normal customers.

amazon pay get upto 15 cashback

2) How to avail the maximum benefit?

Ans: Even though the maximum benefit varies from prime customer and a normal customer, the amount that has to be spent to get the maximum cashback is Rs.3000

3) How to avail this offer?

Ans: Just add the balance to your Amazon Pay Balance and make payment through the Amazon Pay Balance.

4) Is this on any product specific?

Ans: Yes, the offer is valid only on products where you see banner on amazon.

amazon cashless december get upto Rs 550 back

5) Is this applicable to single purchase?

Ans: This is one the reason why i told Hurrah. I’ll tell the main reason below. Amazon will calculate all the transactions for which we choose Amazon Pay Balance as a payment mode i.e., they will add the payments which we did using Amazon Pay Balance and issue the cashback 😍😍😘.

6) So, when will we get the cashback and where would we get the cashback?

Ans: The cashback will be added to Amazon Pay Balance i.e., Amazon wallet by 22nd January 2017. Obviously next year. Come on guys, don’t get upset. You can get the cashback balance for all the transactions of one month. Technically, they are giving the cashback to us within 10 days (less than 10 days 😛 )

7) Still i didn’t get you..! Can you explain me with some examples?

Ans: Ohh..! Yeah, anything for you guys. 🙂

Example 1 :

I placed 4 orders during the offer period as below:

  • Order 1 – Rs.60 (Paid entirely using Amazon Pay balance)
  • Order 2 – Rs.140 (Paid entirely using Amazon Pay balance)
  • Order 3 – Rs.300 (Paid entirely using Amazon Pay balance)
  • Order 4 – Rs.500 (Paid entirely using Amazon Pay balance)

Tell me how much cashback will i get?

Answer: Congrats, All the orders are eligible. You spent Rs.1000, you will get Rs.150 (15% on whole 1000) to your Amazon Pay Balance + Rs 100 extra so a total of Rs 250 cashback if you are a prime customer else Rs.100+100 = Rs 200(10% on whole 1000). This promotional amount would be added to your Amazon Pay balance by 22nd of January, 2017.

Example 2 :

Again i placed 4 orders but i gave a twist this time 😛 , Ans me now

  • Order 1 – Rs.60 (Paid entirely using Amazon Pay balance)
  • Order 2 – Rs.140 (Other Payment method/partly through Amazon Pay balance)
  • Order 3 – Rs.300 (Paid entirely using Amazon Pay balance)
  • Order 4 – Rs.500 (Paid entirely using Amazon Pay balance)

Answer: Lolzz, this is very simple 🙂 . Here the order which you placed by making the payment using other Payment method/partly through Amazon Pay balance will not be eligible and so, you total purchase value will be Rs.860 and Prime members will get Rs.129 where as the others will get Rs.86. Since your total amount is under Rs 1000, so you won’t get that extra Rs 100 cashback.

Example 3 :

I placed only 1 order 😛 now what is the answer..!

  • Order 1 – Rs. 60 (Paid entirely using Amazon Pay balance)

Answer: In this case, you are not eligible for the offer as the overall spend was made entirely using Amazon Pay balance, however the cumulative spend using Amazon Pay balance during the offer period was less than Rs. 100 during the offer period.

8) Is there any other chance to save more?

Ans : 🤔💭🗯💡 Found a way, But may not be applicable to all. You can get 10% cashback as Amazon Pay balance on your first ever debit card purchase transaction. If you never used your debit card or you recently got a debit card, you are eligible for this offer. Please visit here for a terms and conditions

9) How could we get benefited by this offer?

Ans: Don’t worry, Dealnloot team will always keep their big eye on Amazon. So, we post the best and quality deals on Dealnloot. Please visit our site or else subscribe for the notifications. You can purchase Rs.3000 easily in one month 🙂 .

Suggestions –

The below deal prices are what appear on amazon but using this offer you will save upto 25% (Rs 250 cashback if you shop for Rs 1000 via Prime account)

1 . Gillette Fusion Proglide FlexBall Manual Shaving Razor Blades – 4s Pack (Cartridge) Rs 999  735

2. Dettol Sanitizer – 200 ml  Rs 230 159

3. Gillette Classic Sensitive Skin Pre Shave Foam, 418g Rs 219 186

4. Surf Excel Matic Top Load Detergent Powder – 2 kg Rs 430 360

5. Surf Excel Matic Front Load Detergent Powder – 2 kg Rs 465 395

6. Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Powder – 3 kg Rs 414 334

10) How to add balance to Amazon Pay Balance?

Ans: Simple, follow the below steps:

1) Click on the below buttonupcoming-amazon-get-upto-15-cashback-by-paying-through-amazon-pay-balance-banner-3

2) Enter the amount that you would like to add and click “Continue”

3) Choose the payment method and click on “Continue”

4) Click on “Place your order” and make payment.

5) That’s it. 🙂

Happy shopping

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    • himanagendra says:

      Sorry bro, not available. I have few thoughts abt it. just like find the gift cards and pay them using the freecharge etc cashback offers you got. Unfortunately, doboz is the only app that sells amazon gift cards and even that app is not selling the amazon gv now.

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    • himanagendra says:

      It is applicable everything. If you still have any doubt, open that specific product and you can find a banner of the offer on the top of the product 🙂

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