Valuedopinions- Take Surveys sitting at home and earn money in form of Amazon, Flipkart vouchers

We regularly search for deals, products, offers where you will get discounts, freebie etc. Here is a great chance for you to earn some money sitting in the comfort of your home by just responding to some surveys. You can express your thoughts about fashion, new films and much more. Organisations across the world rely on market research which includes surveys as the very basic option and thus role becomes important to answer those crucial questions. Valuedopinions is a website that is offering access to these surveys to you and you can earn flipkart, amazon vouchers by answering these surveys as and when you receive invitation for them.


valued opinions survey

How to Take Surveys and Earn Money with Valued opinions?

1 . Visit here

2. Signup on the website, After that your account will be created.

3. After that complete your profile. You will receive an activation e-mail. Click on the link within to verify your account.

4. Click on Surveys and you will be redirected to complete your profile partially. At some 8%, your progress will be 100% and that is minimum required to be eligible to receive surveys. You can continue to fill more info to receive more of surveys.

5. After you have activated your email address and filled in some profile details, you can click on My Surveys and there you will see your first ever survey. Quickly complete it.

valuedopinions first survey Rs 30

In this survey, when asked if you are the sole or joint decision maker for several things, mark sole as we were disqualified when marked joint. When asked if you or someone works in pharma etc, answer none.

What Valued Opinions say?

  • React more. Pay less.

Opinions. We all have them, but they don’t always seem valued.

Do you have strong feelings about fashion? Big ideas on new films? A controversial stance on toothpaste? We want to hear all about it.

Earn up to ₹150 every time you take an online survey. We pay out when you weigh in.

  • Profit your way

    Whatever you’re into, choose a reward to match.

    Earn credit every time you take part and save towards a treat of your choice.

    Redeem gift cards and vouchers from Amazon, Flipkart, M&S, Pizza Hut and much more. Ready to use right away.

  • Influence tomorrow

    Take paid surveys, test products, review ads and have your say.

    Tell the brands you use every day what you really think about their products and service.

    Join 3 million members worldwide and help make things better. For everyone.

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