UC Browser App not on Google PlayStore – What might be the Possible Reasons?

UC Browser is one of the most widely used mobile browsers by Android users across the world due to several features it claims, including faster loading speed, ad-free experience etc. We believe, you must have used UC Browser once at-least.

UC Browser app not on google playstore reasonsHowever, if you have been planning to use this browser, here is a news alert for you that UC Browser’s main version is no longer available for download on Google Playstore. Yes, you hear it right – The famous app has been either pulled off by UC due to unknown issues or has been removed from the playstore.

Has UC Browser been removed due to recent headlines of data leaking?

Well, if you don’t know, UC Browser has recently been in the news for being under the scanner of Indian Government for leaking data of users to China servers. Following this news, we had also stopped publishing any promotional campaigns of UC Browser on Dealnloot, as well.

So, is it possible that the unavailability of UC App on Google Playstore and data tempering issue interlinked with each other?

Earlier, UC Spokesperson had said, “AtΒ UC Web, we take security and privacy very seriously and work hard to comply with local regulations of each region we operate in. We have strong measures in place to encrypt the data while we transmit it.” He also said that they have not received any notice from the government”

UC Mini App Available on PlayStore

Although, we do not advise our users to use UC Browser as sacrificing potential data threat against a little better browsing experience is not right.

However, we would like to inform you that the mini version of this app, whoch goes by the name of “UC Mini” is still present in PlayStore and can be downloaded by the users who want to stick to UC Browser to access their favorite websites.

Your valuable thoughts?

We hope, this tiny article has been handy for you. However, we would love to hear your thoughts –

    • Your guess on what went wrong
    • Is it just a temporary issue and UC Browser will be back on playstore tomorrow?
    • Do you support UC Browser or want everyone to boycott it?
    • Shall we publish such articles more often?

Good Night Dealnlooters!

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Their unwanted ads in all websites 😑😑😑


Even I think the same. That’s why I don’t use us browser and also suggest my friends to do the same. I’ve seen some users getting full screen pop up and some ads on the corner of the screen who uses this app. However this is my personal observation. Please tell your views.


few months ago i read it on newspaper that uc browser sends data to chinese company bcoz of that indian govt keeps an eye on uc app may b investigation is the reason behind this

Santosh NP

Uc browser is not safe,… I like this kind of post from you, you not only bring good verified deals but also concerned about our privacy as well as our countries security. A big thumbs-up πŸ™‚ keep going πŸ™‚


I never used UC Browser as my default browser. I use UC Browser only for downloading bigger files. Otherwise in case of facebook, twitter, Net Banking where password is required, I trust only on Chrome. I am happy that you are posting this type of useful news. In future, Aware us from such type of data leaking frauds.

those who thinks that uc gives faster download speed than u are making fool by UC team like evertime they offer us win 5000 or 10000 just referal but they give only 1-2 also dont knw who they are they just show us very high speed during download but when u count actual time in other browser with same download file the time was same or ever more if u dont believe than try with same file same time same network with UC and using same file same time same with OPERA MINI . u get the result . Chinese… Read more »

Is Their Anyone Else Or I Am The Only One Who Use Uc browser Just To Open Deal loot.com πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Uc browser and also mini version is not safe.I stopped using after my fb account was hacked continuously by uc mini app.First I didn’t understand the problem.but when I check their url of fast load fb page.it was fake.phising page was there other than original one.you can also check that.

born Himachali

never used it because it was accused of sending user’s data to China….Opera mini and Chrome works fine for me

Rajesh das

UC browser is a Alibaba product. It is one hundred percent Chinese product and does supply all our personal information to Chinese people ( hackers, govt, marketing team , not sure). Kindly do not use Chinese products and encourage others for the same.