(18th Aug) Flipkart – Play “Fake or Not Fake” game and win assured rewards like Supercoins, voucher

Flipkart’s Fake or Not Fake a simple answering game giving you great rewards like Voucher, Supercoins. Answer 5 simple question today and win them !!

fake or not

How to play Video “Fake or Not Fake” game and win assured reawrds like Supercoins, voucher? :

  1. Open your Flipkart app

2. Click “Video” option in the bottom and you will see the banner of the game

3. Click “Play and Win” and a video will start playing and you will be questioned around every 2 minute mark (Approx)

4. Answer them correctly and finally claim the prize by clicking “Check  your score > Claim reward”

Answers (In order):

  1. Not Fake
  2. Not Fake
  3. Fake
  4. Not Fake
  5. Fake

Rewards :

1. Rs.1000 gift vouchers for 100 winners
2. Rs.50 gift vouchers for 3000 winners
3.  Supercoins for the remaining winners

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