(Locations Updated) MyVodafone App – Spot the Santa and get upto 1.7 GB 3G/4G Data Free

Being it the Christmas season, Vodafone is back with an amazing offer on MyVodafone app for its active users. It is giving away free data up to 1.2 GB to all its customers who spot the gifts hidden in different locations within the app.

Spot the Santa

Offer Highlights

  • 100 MB 3G/4G Data on spotting 1 Santa Gift
  • 400 MB 3G/4G Data on spotting 4 Santa Gifts
  • 1.2 GB 3G/4G Data on spotting all 8 Santa Gifts

How to get this MyVodafone Spot the Santa Offer?

1. Update your MyVodafone app here.

2. Now open the MyVodafone app.

3. Search all screens within the app for gift boxes.

4. Finally, tap those icons and reveal your gift.

5. Your data will be credited by Santa in next 72 hours.

Santa Gift Locations

Gift 1 Open the ‘Amazing Offers for You’ on the main page. You can spot the first gift on the bottom right corner of the page.

Gift 2 – Open the ‘Shop’ and then go to ‘Internet‘. You can spot the gift on this page.

Gift  3 – Open your ‘Active‘ Data packs and balance page and you can find the gift on the bottom of the page.

Gift 4 – Open ‘Vodafone Flex‘ and scroll down to touch the ‘See Flex FAQ‘. You can find the next gift here.

Gift 5 – Open the ‘Speed Test‘ on the Main Page of the app. You will see that the gift on the right top corner of the page.

Gift 6 – Go to ‘Switch to 4G‘ in the scroll menu that appears on the Right. You will find the gift here.

Gift 7 – Go to ‘New Connection and MNP‘ and then click ‘New Vodafone Connection’. You can spot the gift here on the bottom of the page.

Gift 8 – Go to ‘Balance Transfer‘ and enter any other Vodafone mobile number. Enter any number greater than ₹5 in the box and proceed further. You can see the Final Gift on the next page. Note – There’s no need to transfer any balance to anyone.

Thank you Dharm and Yogesh Mandli for the location of some gifts.

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer Valid till 15th January 2017
  • Data will be credited within 72 hours of spotting the Gifts
  • Gifts are hidden within the app only
  • A total of 8 Gifts is hidden in various sections of the app.
  • 100 MB data is valid for 3 days after the credit
  • 400 MB data is valid for next 3 days after the credit
  • 1.2 GB Data is valid for 10 days upon spotting all 8 Gifts
  • Not to mention, you can tap a gift only once.

45 thoughts on “(Locations Updated) MyVodafone App – Spot the Santa and get upto 1.7 GB 3G/4G Data Free

    • himanagendra says:

      We will give you a notification as soon as we spot the remaining Santa Gifts. If you find it before we do, kindly share it here.

    • Shubhanshu says:

      This gift data will be credited within 72 hours of spotting the gift icons. You should have read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

    • Shubhanshu says:

      On the main page of the MyVodafone app, scroll a little bit down. Under the Speed Test box, you can see a box with “Switch to Flex” and that’s the one you need to click.

    • Shubhanshu says:

      Thanks for your interest, Pradip. According to the Terms and Conditions, some gifts will appear only on some special days. We have to wait for those days to get the gifts as the offer is valid till 15th Jan.

  1. Yogesh Mandli says:

    Santa location
    1 offers page
    2 MNP page
    3 internet usage
    4 Vodafone red
    5 speed test
    6 bill page
    7 active plan to red
    8 bill setting
    Yogesh mandli

  2. Dharm says:

    8th location is in balance transfer.Click on balance transfer then enter any other vodafone number and amount,then proceed.You will see the 8th box there just before you transfer the balance.Note: There is no need for any balance transfer to anyone.its just needed to move a step ahead and claim your gift.I got 1.7 GB

  3. Santu says:

    my mobile is postpaid, santa is not been found on the locations u said.
    In 4,5,6,7,8 places you mentioned. i didnt find any. I myself found remaining 3
    please help me

  4. Anshu raj says:

    When I click on 4G option it says 4G is not available in your city (patna) and gift is not abailable here please help i founded 7 out of 8.
    Thank you

  5. Parth says:

    Plss tell me where is switch to 4g menu on the right hand side… When i open that it says that. 4g is not available in your city… Plss plss reply

  6. Jaydeep says:

    I am not able to find 8th gift. Please help. I am postpaid user and i have checked all mentioned locations.

    Thanks in advance.

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