Bull100x token Airdrop- Complete simple task and get 600 Bull token for free

Now get one more token airdrop. Bull token is offering 600 Bull100x token for each user. so., hurry up. Claim it fast.


Note – If you are new Trust wallet user, then See the procedure to create account in trust wallet, pls visit here

How to Complete task and get 600 Bull token for free)??

1- visit here via telegram OR https://t.me/BULL100X_AirdropBot?start=CKbFREAdl

2-  Join their other telegram groups and  type “BULL Token” in any above group

3-  Click “Done” button to next step

4- Follow their twitter account.

5- Now Give your BEP 20 Address

6- Claim it

7- within 24 hour you will get 200 Bull token for free

8- Now Add this contract adress to your trust wallet

Network- Smart chain

Contract- 0x72aDD749DdCFE9b749f50CBFf76B59A2e6c80Af5


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