Aadhaar- Generate Virtual ID of Your Aadhaar and Protect Your Privacy

Have you Aadhaar Card and worried about disclose of your Privacy on sharing Aadhaar Card.  Well, After years of criticism about the weakness of Aadhaar systems and the dangers to hack of privacy, the Unique Identification Authority of India introduced a new process that it hopes will be more secure. The “Virtual ID” is supposed to replace your 12-digit biometric-based Aadhaar number, allowing you to use it for authentication without giving away the Unique ID itself. Now Generate Virtual ID of Your Aadhaar and Protect Your Privacy.

Aadhaar Card Misused Check your Aadhaar Usage History Track

How to generate Virtual Id of Your Aadhaar and Keep Your Privacy Safe?

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Tata Project- Be Responsible for Environment & Plant your Free Tree in Your Name

As all of us aware that, Trees are very important for our environment. But Due to many construction works and expansion of human projects, Trees are cutting very fast now a days. So at this stage, All of us, must do our responsibility to plant the trees. This year marks the third anniversary of Tata Projects Green Thumb Initiative with over 90000 trees planted in 100+ Tata Projects sites so far. Being an environmental conscious company, Tata Projects are now gearing up to create maximum impact through this initiative. To support this initiative, all you need to do is click on the link above to participate and we’ll plant a tree in your name! 90000+ trees planted in 100+ locations across India, through the Green Thumb initiative so far!

TreeHow to Plant your Free Tree in Your Name?

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Bank Account Balance- Get your Bank Account Balance with just a Missed call (All Banks)

Today, Dealnloot Team has come here with a special post for our Dealnloot Users. Banks are a very important part of our lives, They help us securely manage our money, easily transact online as well as easily withdraw the money any time and from anywhere, Banks also provide various additional facilities to its customers, which might not be known by all the users one such service is Missed call balance. Sometimes You have to required to know about Your Balance in Your Bank Account. So, Don’t waste your ATM transactions for only just to see your balance. At that Situation, Now you can easily know about your Bank Account Balance by giving a missed call. So enjoy!!

Bank Account Balance- How to Get your Bank Account balance with just a Missed call (All Banks)

Note- Make sure the Mobile which you are using for Missed call, is registered with your Bank Account.

How to know about your Bank Account Balance?

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Whatsapp – UPI : Get UPI option in Whatsapp

Whatsapp UPI option has been the hot topic for the past few days just like Voice calling feature rolled out few years back. As some of them already have this feature and many doesn’t, we are making it easier for the rest.

UPI payment is the most easier method of payment and now has become the popular method of payment among everyone hence providers like Paytm, Freecharge introduced UPI option in their respective platforms and now it’s Whatsapp’s turn to bring this popular feature. It is expected to take the UPI payments option to the next level as Whatsapp is used by almost everyone in the country.

whatsapp upi

How to get UPI option in Whatsapp? :

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Mi- Buy Mi Smartphones at EMI without having any Credit Card

Want to buy any MI Smartphone but Not having enough money to buy it OR Want to buy Mi Smartphones on EMI but Dont have Credit Card to get it on EMI? Well, This is a great time to you to buy Mi Smartphones including all Mi Products on EMI at without having credit card. Yes, It’s true. Mi is back with this amzing offer for their users. SO, Hurry up!! and Now Get credit without credit card and buy your favorite  Mi products.

Mi- Buy Mi Smartphones on EMI

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Don’t forget to check “Tez App- Pay Rent with Tez for next two months and Get 100% cashback (upto 5000) on your first month Rent

How to Buy Mi Smartphones at EMI without having any credit card?

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What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)? Let’s learn it with an example of an upcoming ICO – ‘MediChain’

Hi guys, we hope you have been following our posts on Cryptocurrency closely and getting to learn new things. In our previous post – Located here, to which we will be constantly adding new content, we brought the topic of ICO. Let’s discuss this topic of ICO in more detail via this post by taking an example of a revolutionary upcoming ICO, named, Medichain.

ICO initial coin offering

What is an ICO?

Have you ever heard of crowdfunding? It is a process by which companies collect money from people. Now you will ask – Why do people pay? This is because they believe that the company’s project is great and that in future with the growing profits of the company, their investment would give them profits. Continue reading

(Updated) Aadhaar – How to link your Aadhaar to your mobile number from home

Aadhaar card has now become the most discussed topic for the past few months and also has become #1 Proof of residence as the government tries to reduce the risk, frauds in every way possible and hence Aadhaar was introduced and made compulsory to link with bank accounts, PAN, Passport and more.

As instructed by the Government, it is also mandatory to provide your Aadhaar card to get a new mobile number and also to link the card to your existing mobile number. Follow the below simple steps to link your Aadhaar card to your mobile number within minutes.

aadhaar mobile link

How to link your Aadhaar to your mobile number from home? :

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Aadhaar Card Misused? Check your Aadhaar Usage History

Aadhaar Card Misused? Check your Aadhaar Usage History.


Most of us use Aadhaar Card for most of the verification purpose. Sometimes, we have to submit our Aadhaar Card copy as a proof, but what if someone misuses it? Don’t worry, now you can check your Aadhaar Usage History up to 6 months. Just read this post and check the steps of the Aadhaar Usage History.

Aadhaar Card Misused Check your Aadhaar Usage History Track

How to Check your Aadhaar Usage History?

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Power Banks – Best 5 Powerful Power banks to buy under Rs.1000

Dying battery sign is very dangerous and always make us upset, no one want that their phone gets low on battery when they are not near the charging port. When your phone battery gets low battery banks are the first thing that you need, but its very confusing which power bank to choose for. Right so here we are with Best 5 Powerful Power banks to buy under Rs.1000. Have a look.

These Power banks are high quality so you will not face any problem with them. All these power banks are above 10000mAh.

1. Mi Power Bank 2i

Mi power bank 2i gets first place in our list as it has an aluminium body, that’s why it looks very premium and classy. The dark grey colour of this power bank also adds some extra points on the design side. It will not get scratched, even though it has a smooth aluminium finish. It’s not only good looking but build quality is also great. This type of premium look and a solid build quality that you don’t expect in power banks in this price range.

Best Power banks

Mi Power bank 2i Specifications

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