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Welcome to Dealnloot.com – Your one stop destination for all the online shopping deals, loots, recharge coupons, food & movie deals, tips to stay safe from online scams and much more.  Thanks for choosing Dealnloot and you now are an esteemed member of our family.

Dealnloot.com is one of unique in its kind as here on this website, you will only find the best handpicked offers selected by our team and no such deals with little discounts (like 5%-10%) which may turn your mood off. We keep ourselves in your place and think if deal is really useful or not before we publish it for you.

Not only do we post deals & loots here but regularly host some amazing contests and giveaways to reward you and have small fun sessions filled with entertainment. These activities really complete our family and strengthen the bond we have.

Below are links to some contests we held that received a great response from users –

Our Team

Admin –  (Mechanical engineering student)

My Story

You will find it strange but I did not know about online shopping when I was in my 12th Standard. Yes, I did not even know the fact that we can buy things online.

After completing high school and getting into the first year of engineering, I needed a book to purchase for my 1st Semester course. A blessing in disguise – The particular book was not available at any book store offline. So just by chance, I searched it on google and found it on a website named “Homeshop18” and from there began my journey of online shopping.

I ordered the book using payment mode as “Cash on Delivery” as I did not have any debit card etc. with me and also I was not sure whether they would really come and give the book to me – One of the few fears of online shopping people have here in India.  However, the product was delivered to me in 2-3 days and this helped me build trust in the e-commerce industry.

Gradually, I started buying many more things, got e-payment modes like debit card, netbanking, credit card etc. and then came to know about coupons and promo codes that we can apply in the cart to get things at discounted rates. Infact, I developed such a craze for online shopping that my friends started calling me names like “Online Devta”, “Flipkart”  just because almost every day, I would go and get a parcel and mostly from flipkart as flipkart was my favorite at that time. They would ask “Ab kya aaya hai” 😛

These things apart, E-commerce websites have really made it so convenient to get your shopping done without any hassles such as going outside in summer, winter or rainy season, having hard time bargaining with store people, not getting enough variety coupled with advantages like getting huge discounts online and services like 30 Days Replacement warranty & much more.

Considering these potential benefits of shopping online and seeing people who still fear to shop online, I decided to do something to improve the situation and eventually started this website and named it “Dealnloot” as I wanted that not only me instead everybody shall shop online. It is easier, cheaper and much more comfortable.

Jyoti Prakash

Jyoti Prakash is the first author for dealnloot and he is been in business till date. A student aspiring to be a doctor, his most amazing quality is working hard and managing time. The way he manages dealnloot and his studies at such a young age is outstanding. A “Never Say No” attitude forecasts huge success for him.

Harshit Raj

Harshit Raj wants to be a Computer Science Engineer with Graduation from IIT-Delhi. Great career goals ! He is one of our busiest people in the team and is always striving to learn as much as he can – Be it technical knowledge, behavioral skills or anything else. Kudos:)

Aniruddha Rathi

A Chartered Accountant by Profession with his articles published in leading newspapers, he joined dealnloot because as a loyal user – He wanted to give it back to us. The entire team has learned a lot from him and he in return got all our love. We wish him all the best.

Divya Sri

Divya joined Dealnloot due to her interest in technicalities of running a website and that’s the reason you see her posting limited deals. She deals more with the recruitment for Dealnloot (calls herself HR) or is most active when its time for a contest. She is a Computer Science Student in one of the prestigious Universities in India and plans to pursue MS. Her consistent inputs on how to make Dealnloot a better place have surely made a significant change in how things were before she joined and how they are now.  Interestingly, she does not like to get any payment for her work on Dealnloot and works just for her satisfaction & learning. A great attitude – Infact.

What you will find in dealnloot?

Our intention is just to share good deals, loots and price errors with you. Because “Sharing is Caring”.

From today, never miss any online shopping deal or loot. Be it a phone at 50% off or free recharges or a price error or any loot or trick , you will find it here……….

Important note – We will not post each and every rubbish deal here on our website. We will post only selected best deals which you can’t resist buying and those deals which get out of stock in no time. So keep checking our site if you don’t wanna miss any such deal . Happy Shopping !!

We believe in customer satisfaction and will share every deal with you not eat it alone and also try my best to solve every query….

I hope you will love our work 🙂

For any other questions, kindly go to “Contact Us!! ” option.

Now never pay full 😉

Our email address – dealnloot@gmail.com 🙂

29 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Meena says:

    Hi Admin.

    This is the Best site.

    Seriousely …!!!

    I was waiting for such website only … Really Superb !!!

    Keep giving Giveaways, Contests, Recharges in this way only … 🙂

    And we shall keep loving this site more & more … 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Thanks a lot meena . I am glad you liked the website. I hope i am posting good deals and only the selected best deals as i promised from the beginning. I am trying very hard to satisfy every user of this wbsite. I hope i will live upto the expectations 🙂

    Keep supporting and encouraging 🙂

  3. SAGAR says:

    Nice Site Admin. I Liked your work. By Your Work We save a lot of money on recharges and shopping.Thanks a lot:-D.KEEP IT UP:-D

  4. ANIRUDDHA says:

    Dear Admin / Friends 🙂

    One nice offer for you, your sister(s), your gf(s) 🙂 :

    Set Of Cotton Lycra Leggings 7 Colours


    One Day Deal : Get this product for Rs.499 /-

    Use Coupon Code: *SC15PS99*


    Size: Free Size


    SO NET COST WOULD BE : RS. 499 – 50 = RS. 449 ONLY

    *(RS. 64 PER LEGGING)* :-} 😆 😀

  5. Harsh Rajpal says:

    Hi Sahil bro! I am a very big fan of Dealnloot and I visit ur site daily. Really great job Sahil bro. But I want to know, Who is Jyoti Praksh, is he just an author or Co-admin or more?

  6. Pankaj says:

    I like ur site very much..☺..& I am about to build site like this…could u tell me.. how to get new loots & deals updates from online sites… If you don’t mind😁

  7. ajay says:

    I like your site too much and i often visit this site in a day.I have activated all the modes of alerts for your new updates on deal.Moreover I have also subscribed to other such sites.But i always amaze to see when you give the notification on some particular deal ,other sites to which i have subscribed give the notification about the same deal a hour later.☺This always amaze me..really guys.Keep it up the good work.You will definitely go so far.👍

    • CA. Aniruddha Suresh Rathi says:

      Dear Ajay,

      Thanks for your feedback and comment about our promptness in posting the deals …

      Thanks for the appreciation … It really encourages us a lot 🙂

      Users like you are really very important for us … 🙂

      Keep visiting Dealnloot … Now Never Pay Full !!! 🙂

  8. Dinesh says:

    Hi Sahil,
    Fabulous Idea of sharing the deals with all. I appreciate you and the team doing marvelous work for online shoppers. I suggest you make a unique logo for Dealnloot and acquire the goodwill of all visitors to identify you in the form of Trademark.
    I also suggest you can bring out a user friendly app which can give the alerts on mobile phones as well.
    Keep going team. Dealnloot – “Feel the Deals”

  9. prabu says:

    Admin How will you detect these best deals? Good website,I visit the site daily and I did the purchases and recharges with the help of dealnloot. I like Now never pay full .

    • admin says:

      Hi Prabhu, we have various tie-ups and affiliations and other sources for the deals. I am glad you liked our website and now never pay full 🙂 Share it with your friends also 🙂

  10. HK says:

    Admin, How to post deals ? if we we found best deals ?
    how to post a deal as an end user ?
    is you r giving any access to end users for posting an deals/ coupons etc etc ? ?

    is dealnloot.com giving any special access to E-Commerce Merchants for posting their deals ?

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